A Post "July 4" blog: AMERICA - Imagine the World Without Her!

Vatic Note:  My fourth of July started out with breakfast at 7 am at my church outdoors, with a flag pole ceremony for one built and installed in our church yard.  Then after breakfast, I ran over and helped to decorate the float for our veterans organization.  I am a vet you know.

Then we did a parade and I have to tell you,  never, in the 18 years that I have been in this little podunck town  have I ever seen such a crowd at any of our parades.   This was the biggest and most packed parade route we had ever seen.   Our Veterans float was the first one out of the gate behind the color guard and officials, so we got to see it early on.  

In talking with people, it appears they are truly waking up like never before and they had to recommit in their own minds to reclaiming our country and making it what it once was, go back to our real identity instead of this created one by foreign occupiers that are trying to make it look like their country and its not going to work.

We, Americans, are not nazi's.   The infiltrators for a foreign nation are trying to make it look like it is,  just like they did in WW II.  Its not going to fly.   This parade was a truly great and motivating experience for me.  I realized just how much I love my country and all the people in it.

We are a resilient lot, creative, adaptable, flexible and ingenious when it comes to problem solving.  Many other nations may well be that way as well, I don't know, I live here, so I know here and will certainly give space for anyone to talk about their country, but today is our day, so its America today.

There is a movie out that is done by an immigrant to our country who is now an American citizen and its fabulous to see something from a perspective of someone who lived elsewhere and CHOSE to come here.  We need to see this movie from his perspective instead of our own, since we grew up here and have taken it for granted. 

I received this by email, but have given you the link to his site and information about the movie and to read what he believes about America.  Its worth the time and effort.

A Post "July 4" blog: AMERICA - Imagine the World Without Her!
July 4, 2014 

Dear Friends, 

This 4th of July, America is at a crossroads, and the way we understand our past will determine our future. This is a rare time when America's future hangs delicately in the balance, and when we Americans can do something about it. This occurred in 1776, when Americans had to figure out whether to create a new country, or live under British domination.

Tonight, I'll be on The Kelly File for an hour long special. We will talk about the celebration and exceptional greatness of America. We will also be discussing scenes from America the movie, and Megyn Kelly will be moderating a debate between Bill Ayers and myself. Check out a preview of the debate and watch the entire special event on Fox News at 9 PM EDT/6 PM PDT.

Dinesh D'Souza and Bill Ayers Battle During Contentious "Kelly File" Debate

If you haven't seen America yet, this weekend is the time to do it. America the movie re-shapes the discussion about America's past and refutes the selective history that progressives teach. Thanks to you and hundreds of thousands of other patriots, America smashed expectations this week for its first two days at the box office. Buy your tickets today!

If we send a strong message to Lionsgate and theaters around the country this weekend, double or more theaters will open America on their screens next week. Let's show Michael Moore and Hollywood that we want a different kind of film in our communities! Your ticket represents a vote to restore America. Click here to buy your tickets today!

We kicked off the World Premiere of America with a red carpet event in L.A. this week with actor Jon Voight, actress Stacey Dash, and many others. Breitbart chronicled my red carpet premiere, telling Hollywood that America wants and needs more stories like America!

Even before the movie was released nationally, America was given glowing reviews from WND, Variety, National Review, The Washington Times, and The Christian Post, and many more.

Lastly, Americans like you have taken to their social media to tell their fellow Americans that the Hollywood elite film critics' reviews can't be trusted.

America is the must-see summer film. Invite your friends, family, and any liberals you know. If you enjoyed the movie, please write a review and share with others how great America is.

As always, thank you for your outpouring of support. God Bless America!Sincerely,
Dinesh D'Souza

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