Glasses Fool Facial Recognition Software

Vatic Note:  Technology, such as this can work both ways.  What I would want to know is the down side.... how can it be used against us.  I didn't see any such discussion on that part of it.  Well, its new, so maybe someone will broach the subject and get us feeling good about the Japanese role in this and whether they are on the side of the khazar zionists who blew up their Island and irradiated their seaside and caused a tsunami.

And they did so because they were getting off the fiat currency band wagon, or whether they have retained their independance and truly are doing this to thwart the evil ones.  AT this point, I do not know nor do I have an opinion, just an open mind and a cautious approach until we know more about it.  The evil insane ones are deadly serious about running the globe, and that, to me, is like putting the mental patients in charge of the loony ward.  Not a good idea.

Glasses Fool Facial Recognition Software
By Elizabeth Leafloor | Red Ice Creations 

In 2013, "Stealth Wear" was revealed - hoodies and cloaks made of nickel-metalized fabric that would potentially mask your body-heat signature from drones and thermal cameras.

Many saw it as a step towards thwarting the overreach of the ubiquitous global surveillance machine.

Now Japanese researchers have created glasses that purportedly ’jam facial recognition systems to protect your privacy’.

Looking like a pair of safety goggles strung to a battery pack, the ’visors’ are not the most subtle form of identity recognition denial. However, as a prototype they open up ideas that can lead to a whole new range of privacy options.


What might be a better solution is working towards dismantling the whole security/surveillance state.

Baby steps.

By Elizabeth Leafloor, Red Ice Creations

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