One month old Baby Dies after Receiving 9 Vaccination Shots. Were there live Viruses in these Vaccines?

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Vatic Note:  Its something like this that sent me to the boards to do these blogs.  I cannot comprehend anyone harming a child, especially a doctor who has sworn to care for and protect the health of his clients.  I feel the same way about satanists who draw blood through murder of babies for their satanic rituals and priests and rabbi's that rob these children of their light of Christ that they are born with through sexual felony assault.  

Then add to this the goal of the multibillionaires to depopulate the planet so they can control the slave population they intend for us to be and our children.   If they get control, they can simply take our children at birth and do whatever perverted sick insane thing they decide to do.  I can't stress enough the need to watch the movie "The Soldier" since that explains fully what they intend to do with these children when they control the globe.

They will use "TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL" on them with no  bonding.   That means massive numbers of humans will be psychopaths by the time they reach adulthood.   Remember, if a child does not bond with the mother or father by 18 months old, they will be psychopaths.   We better wake up to the reality of this future they have planned.  Never give up your guns, but understand this is truly a spiritual battle and that is why we seem to have psychopaths working in hospitals and doctors offices where there is absolutely no place for such people.

I believe many of these corporations have already been taken over by the psychopaths, like drug companies, military industrial complex companies, energy companies, as well as food companies. Remember they have a complete lack of humanity, soul, and empathy.

Baby Dies after Routine Vaccination for Hep B, Polio, and DPT & more… (VN: there were 9 shots given to these kids, which is ridiculous for that age and lack of development to handle such assaults upon their little bodies.  The satanists need to get their kicks elsewhere, like maybe doing in each other.)
Posted by Editor, Vaccine Liberation Army

A one month old baby whose parents warned doctors that she was ill and had a cough, has died within hours of receiving routine vaccination for Hepatitis B, DPT and oral polio after doctors decided to proceed with immunization anyway. Read more…

If you’ve ever doubted whether many pediatricians are really just drug reps wearing white coats, you won’t anymore after reading this story. (VN: and they should pay the price for doing so.)

Baby Stacy and her twin sister Lesly were born one month premature by C-Section. Stacy needed to be resuscitated after birth and she and her sister spent four days in an incubator.

Stacy’s parents, who live in Belgium, decided to follow the advice of their doctor in December 2011 and have the babies vaccinated at 8 weeks old. Both babies were living at home by that time and were doing well.

On the day of the vaccinations, Stacy had a cold and was not feeling well. Stacy’s parents were told not to worry and that vaccinating a sick child would be safe. There is also a history of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and allergies in the family, but it is not clear whether the doctor even bothered to ask about this.

Shockingly, both twins received Rotarix, a shot to prevent severe gastroenteritis, Prevnar, a dual vaccination for meningitis and pneumonia, as well as Infanrix Hexa, a SIX IN ONE jab containing diptheria, tentanus, polio, pertussis, hep B, and Haemophilus type B – all in a single day!

Stacy became unwell one week after receiving these shots with a fever of 103.8F.  The parents decided to reduce the fever with Perdolan.   As Stacy continued to not do well, the parents took her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Stacy was diagnosed with a blood and chest infection but her parents were told it was not serious.   Stacy was given medication and put on a drip feed and remained in the hospital for observation.

Stacy’s father was told that the vaccines had nothing to do with Stacy’s illness and all attempts to link the two events were strongly denied.

The pediatrician told Stacy’s parents that she was fine and probably just suffering from gastroenteritis, which she was already vaccinated against.
During the night, Stacy began to suffer from very abnormal diarrhea, but the nurse refused to change Stacy when her frightened and very upset parents asked her to do so.  Even after Stacy became very restless and obviously struggling, the nurse refused to take any action.

Stacy also developed a rash and began having difficulty breathing which Stacy’s father reported to the nursing staff as the parents refused to leave her bedside.  After that, a doctor requested authorization to do a lumbar puncture and put Stacy on an antibiotic (Ampire).

The request was denied and Stacy died a short time later.

Cause of death was recorded as meningitis, again, an illness she was vaccinated against.

Stacy’s outraged parents have asked that today, January 20, 2012 be marked as a day to remember all children that have died or been injured by vaccination.   There are local events being held around the world, but if there isn’t one on your area, please say a prayer or have a moment of silence for these children, innocent victims of one of the most successful profiteering schemes in the history of the world.

Infant Vaccine Deaths Increasing Around the World

In May 2011, this blog reported on the explosive study published by the Journal of Human and Experimental Toxicology that found that countries with the highest number of recommended vaccines in the first year of life correspondingly have the highest infant mortality rates.

Vaccine deaths are indeed increasing around the world as the vaccination schedule becomes more and more packed with required shots.  The Times of India reported in May 2010 that 128 deaths had occurred in the previous year, with the number rising with each successive year.

The Times suggested a government cover-up with a doctor interviewed for the article stating that just because vaccines aren’t contaminated doesn’t mean they can’t in fact cause death.

Japan suspended the pneumococcal and Hib vaccines after 4 deaths occurred, but in the United States, 2000 related deaths occurred and yet this news received barely any media coverage whatsoever.

Possibly the most damning evidence yet that the multi-vax approach has devastating impact upon the developing child’s brain was published in the Journal of Pediatrics.  

Known as the Pourcyrous study after the lead author and widely respected worldwide, the study found that abnormal inflammation and infection markers in the blood (C-reative protein or CRP) rise in 85% of infants who receive multiple vaccines and 70% of those receiving single dose jabs.

Abnormal CRP markers in infants receiving multiple vaccines are strongly associated with severe bleeding on the brain (intraventricular hemorrhage)!

Further, 16% of infants experience a cardiorespiratory event associated with the vaccination within 48 hours of immunization.  Infants experiencing such cardiorespiratory events from vaccination are also likely to experience gastroesophogeal reflux as well.

It is my hope that by sharing baby Stacy’s tragic story on her global day of remembrance that anyone reading this post will make the firm decision to refuse any and all vaccination of their baby.  Please get the facts.  Vaccination kills babies.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist
Source: Baby Dies After 9 Vaccines in One Day
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