UPDATE: Are DuPont and Monsanto illums, Criminals for Assault with a Deadly Weapon?

UPDATE: This just in this morning on the news I got from Australia.  This adds to the criminal treason of Monsanto.  This alone tells us that UN AGenda 21 is not what it is pesented to be.  Monsanto is not removing GMO from the planet, so then what is Agenda 21 REALLY all about?  CONFISCATION OF LAND.... UNDER CONTROL OF THE UN, WHO IS UNDER CONTROL OF THE GLOBAL FASCISTS and British Monachy. 

Used to be, one had to fight and invade another country and risk dying to occupy a sovereign nation, but this deceptive cowardly way is now the norm.  Like I said, its their cowardess that will help us to overcome.  Guerrilla warfare worked in WW II, very well indeed.  Underground is the key. Anonymity can be used and thus all of us can be cowards, and see who wins.  

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Monsanto further unveils its true evil nature by signing on to UN Agenda 21 'sustainability' scam


Vatic Note: This is horrible. Its an atrocity of the highest order and someone should be prosecuted. This is no different than criminal assault with a deadly weapon. The weapon in this case just happens to be a long term torturing chemicals for depopulating this planet. When we truly look at the level of chemical use in every aspect of our lives, we see that this is a good part of why cancers are running rampid, and other diseases that are ragingand why All for profits and agenda's that only someone purely evil AND INSANE, could even imagine. I can't imagine living the life this woman has had to endure for so many years, since she was a teenager, or even before. Just check this out and see how bad it is, everywhere on the planet, soon we will have no place that is safe.  Chemtrail dumping was bad enough but its getting much worse now.   Kissinger is reflective of this groups mentality with respect to humanity.  We are nothing more than fodder for their profit wars. 

She is right. Right here in my home town, we have someone just exactly in the same condition as Arne is in. She said the only place she can be where she does not suffer is in Switzerland, the home of the major global bank of Rothschild. A coincidence? I don't know, but given their agenda and how perfectly these illum families have created the conditions they need to garner control over the planet, it would not surprise me if these satan worshipping, occult black arts families like DuPont, are doing this on purpose. IT LOOKS LIKE THIS IS GOING TO BE HUMANITIES FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO LIVE..... and not just some  traditional war going on.  This is serious genocide these people are engaging in right now and this woman is an example of what life can and will be like under the global control of these animals.

There is not one ounce of humanity left in these ancient bloodlines that I consider nothing  higher than pond scum on toxic water.  That is how evil, cold, criminal and insanely diseased mentally that these people are.  The elected reps who get paid by these peoples taxes are even worse, because they violate a trust given to them to  "protect and defend" their people.

I say, lets find out who the board of directors are of these chemical companies and lets begin a campaign to give back to them what they are giving to us. Same with the illuminati families, same with the traitors in each of our countries.  Its time this visited their bailey wick.  Lets make it so they are forced to live in guilded prisons called homes. If we cannot be free, then neither can they, no matter where they go.... someone will be there.   Hang in there, Arne, you are courageous and  special for sticking through all this.  I don't know that I would have had such courage.  Bless you and stay as safe as you can.  I wish I were there to beat up on your council.

Poisoned Grounds: Arne's Story

Published by Boldarn, on Feb 24, 2013
Arne tells her story of being chemically poisoned when younger; then living with the consequences as a severe MCS sufferer. She explains the lifestyle changes she has been forced to make to her home, car and travel arrangements, including redoing her car upholstery and having to wear a mask when going out and about. 

Arne has ongoing concerns about the continual and increasing annual roadside, pavement or general land herbicide spraying by unsympathetic councils, locals and neighbours.


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