UPDATE: 1/17/13 RIP: Aaron Swartz "Suicide" - Activist who stopped SOPA bill. Co-founded "Demand Progress"

UPDATE: Was Aaron Swartz Killed By An MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring?  http://rense.com/general95/swartz.html
So much pedophilia going on and no one at the top to stop it.  Its getting to the point where they are spiritually killing our children which is as bad if not worse than physically killing them and its a felony crime.  WHERE ARE THE INVESTIGATORS AND PROSECUTORS???  If the system no longer metes out justice as is evident these days, then we might have to create a parallel system and include our own justice system.  If that has to happen, then criminals, beware, including those at the top.  Seriously.  

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Vatic Note:  Here we go again...Now you know why the domestic assassination squads should have been disbanded and prosecuted.  They should never be allowed to operate on our soil.  How many  does this make now?  Oh, yea, all of them except two are lefties, (Wellstone, JFK Jr., O'Donnell, Stevens, etc) and thus the left should join the right in calling for no gun control of any kind.  

This kid is a hero and should be given the medal of freedom for his worthy fight to save this nation from the horrors being visited upon it by these satanists. Its at times like this and on issues like this that we should be united as one people against those foreign interests that would destroy us if they could.

He has been right in the trenches fighting the good fight.  Its time the other side suffers some losses.  We need to unite as a nation of people, screw the government, but we, the people, need to unite and join the good fight right along with these heroes who have risked so much.

There are also two other "early" deaths of activists in the Gun rights movement who were also killed.... and all three around the same time.  Now is that a coincidence?  I think not.  Read this below and you decide.

Just had a thought, looking at his picture and relooking at his name.  Do you think, that maybe Aaron was really a Swartzenegger or offspring of some other khazar illum family and betrayed the "families" by doing what he was doing and that is why he died?? These families do this stuff all the time.  Don't know why, but that just hit me.  Look at his jaw line and nose. 

RIP: Aaron Swartz "Suicide" - Activist who stopped SOPA bill. Co-founded "Demand Progress" 
by Sherriquestioningall
January 12, 2013

It seems really odd to me that a 26 year old who was a huge activist and was instrumental  in stopping SOPA.  Aaron Swartz co founded "Demand Progress" and Reddit and created the RSS.

The NY Times says he hung himself and his girlfriend found him.

He supposedly committed suicide in New York on Friday, January 11, 2013.(VN: hmm, Bloombergs death squads?)

Go to the link and see all the things they were working on.  He was a major defender of truth and our freedoms.   

Watch this video of a speech he made about activism and the SOPA bill.  It includes how a Senator told him "The internet has to get under control... people are putting too much stuff on it, it is out of control!  We have to get control of the internet and what people put on it!" (VN: Well, murdering activists is not going to help them from being exposed. They control the net then we go underground where they will never know what we are doing. If we stay decentralized with anonymous made up names, they will never know what we are doing. It would be easier if they just kicked the Rothschild/Rockefeller traitors out of our country and government, then everything would settle down, but as long as they stay, we know they are assassins and murderers and so does congress, so that is why WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP OUR GUNS.)


Does the guy in that video sound like someone who would commit suicide?  Could he have been getting in the way too much? Working on something very big and had to be "murdicided?"  

Here is a webpage he created about himself::
Aaron Swartz is the founder of Demand Progress, which launched the campaign against the Internet censorship bills (SOPA/PIPA) and now has over a million members. He is also a Contributing Editor to The Baffler and on the Council of Advisors to The Rules.

He is a frequent television commentator and the author of numerous articles on a variety of topics, especially the corrupting influence of big money on institutions including nonprofits, the media, politics, and public opinion. From 2010-11, he researched these topics as a Fellow at the Harvard Ethics Center Lab on Institutional Corruption. He also served on the board of Change Congress, a good government nonprofit.

He has also developed the site theinfo.org. His landmark analysis of Wikipedia, Who Writes Wikipedia?, has been widely cited. Working with Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee at MIT, he helped developand popularize standards for sharing data on the Web. He also coauthored the RSS 1.0 specification, now widely used for publishing news stories.

His piece with photographer Taryn Simon, Image Atlas (2012), is has been featured in the New Museum. In 2007, he led the development of the nonprofit Open Library, an ambitious project to collect information about every book ever published. He also cofounded the online news site Reddit, where he released as free software the web framework he developed, web.py.
Here is a wikipedia page on him.

UPDATE - 1/13/13  A friend of his said he was on a Guerrilla Crusade for Internet Freedom. 

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