A must watch video: CIA INC.'s Evergreen Airways Geoengineering our Planet?

 *** There has been an update an a new blog following this one that I believe are tied into together.  Please be sure to read it at 2 am Mountain time in the USA.   Its about "Terraforming" the earth..... it fits.  So this below becomes important to identify where the damage is coming from.  Make serious notes of this.  There is another one in Oklahoma and I believe we will hopefully get info on that one as well.  

Vatic Note: This is awesome information.  Having said that, there are problems with the First video, so lets deal with them first....... First of all, there is virtually no time to read the blurbs on this unless you stop the video.  Second of all, its small type and sometimes different colors against black background which means you can't read them quickly, and which also disrupts reading, so put your finger over the stop start button and simply stop it everytime something comes up.  I wanted to take the time and simply do a transcript and put it below the video, so you could revisit it later and reread because THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR US TO KNOW IF SHTF.  These chemtrails are changing and advancing.... they now will be dumping "programmable 'smart' molecules", whatever that means..... it sounds ominous. But because of the unfriendly reading way this was put together, you could easily miss that piece of pertinent information.  Remember "Geoengineering" is also a nice word for "TERRA FORMING" the planet. 

If we must become what our forefathers were, then this needs to be added to intel.  And AZ people would need to have this information which is excellent.  Its a great video if you can get past all the roadblocks to watching it.   I didn't do the transcript because of personal time constraints that did not allow me to take the inordinate amount of time it would take to do.  So if you do as I did and use your cursor over the stop start, you can read it all while also looking at the pictures.  Its not ideal, in fact, you can't do both because of the small size of the type, and the lack of contrast between red type and black background, but its better than not knowing. 

Watching this you begin to understand WHY  the CIA, who owns evergreen airways, had to obtain "FOR PROFIT, CORPORATION STATUS" in Delaware.  It was so they could operate "as a private corporation" ON TAXPAYERS MONEY TO PAY FOR THE ATTACK AGAINST THE TAXPAYERS.  Hows that for perverse! And that allows them to operate outside the restrictions that they would have had to comply with under the Constitution,  so they could engage in anti-American activities (called terrorism) that harm the country and our people, while we pay the bill for our own abuse.  That is perverted to the extreme..

Drug running is one of them.  Chemtrail spraying is another, so you see the problem.  It eliminates accountability to the public.   Its why bankers are building their private army, so they can do things our military are prevented from doing under their oath of office, but yet we still get to pay the bill, so don't pay your taxes, they are going to crash us anyway, lol .  Clever, indeed, if you are an insane psychopath pervert. The bankers are using the bailout to fund their private military against us.... hows that for perverted.  The key is to not file, since filing is voluntary. 

If I get time later, I will try to transcribe this for easier and better comprehension for the viewer and then you can pass it on without frustration. 

Evergreen Facility Caught on Film: Chemtrail Planes!

by Farm  Wars, 11/10/11


Published on Mar 10, 2012 by 

ATTENTION VIEWERS! PINAL AIRPARK is EVERGREEN FACILITY and we shoot the photos to show you the PROOF. Black helicopters follow us, and surround the compound as well.

Video #1

Video #2   -  Aluminum eats the cortex of the brain.  keep that in mind when you watch this video. No, I am not talking about Obama's brain, rather ours.  His is already gone.  You saw all those scars.  who knows what they did to his. 
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