Weather Channel Suggests Chemtrails Are $4Trillion Solar Umbrella? Part II of IV

Vatic Note:  Remember the weather channel was purchased by NBC owned by GE with Britains Queen as a major shareholder and by two equity firms; one is Bain Capital owned by Romney and Blackstone which is a big illuminati company as the Chairman of the Board proves,  he is a khazar, (probably representing Rothschilds interests) CFR player, and was managing director of Lehman Bros, Wow, a true insider.  Well, here is something Vatic project has been saying for a very long time now.  Chemtrails were being dumped at sunrise in the east and at sunset in the west.  So Why?   What are they hiding?   Could it be Nibiru?  Could it be a very large Space Weapon that can affect weather on the planet?  Could it be a combination of both?  The evil perverts never do anything for just one reason.  IS THAT WHY ALL THE BANKERS IN ALL THOSE COUNTRIES, RESIGNED??? Going underground, are they???

One of the reasons they were dumping based on location in the AM and the PM was to hide something at sunrise and sunset.  Other reasons could be as stated in the title, but also the Barium for the military communications,  Aluminum for the weather creation and manipulation, and Haarp to see if they targeted it correctly or because it was in operation and the chemtrails aided in the effectiveness of the ELM waves.  Who knows what other reason.  We read that TV stations had tests done and apparently it was to also dump fungus, cancer cells,  morgellons disease, and other such gifts to humanity.  Thanks for the thought... yeah right.

Well now this below could be possible given the chemtrails in the Am and in the Pm to hide something.  What could it be?  Nibiru?  Its anyones guess.  Notice Rothschild bought into weather channel, according to this interview,  to manipulate "global warming" and thus extract trillions through a carbon tax.... the Bogus global warming I might add.   I would seriously doubt they did anything for the sole purpose of  helping  any of us. Thats just not the psychopaths history, now is it?  LOL   As we have pointed out on anther blog today, it could also be a false flag triggering a mini ice age for depopulation reasons.  Just keep reading and watching until we manage to "finish" building the big picture.  AT some point, we will "know" what is what.  Hopefully soon enough to prepare for it.

Weather Channel Suggests Chemtrails Are $4Trillion Solar Umbrella? Part II of IV
by "Before Its News"

Blatant much?

Apparently so, here's a stunning mainstream revelation from The Weather Channel's FORECAST EARTH briefs.


See, everyone who's my age, or at least (cough) thirty years of age will remember the mainstream furore about Acid Rain from coal-burning sulphur dioxide-emiting power plants and Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons from household fridges in the upper atmosphere destroying the ozone layer and causing a massive Greenhouse Effect where mankind is boiled under glass like baked tomato plants.


You all remember that ... now, what's this utterly insane SPRAYING  man-made-volcanoes or chemtrails of sulphur dioxide gas out the back of commercial tanker jets to deflect the rays of the sun?

How this sprayed sulphur dioxide is less greenhousy than sulphur dioxide (and CFCs etc) that makes its way into the air by convection currents and jetstreams and such is any one's guess. I mean, it's like I'm watching another episode of commercial lampoon show THE ONION.

Afternoon update: as posted on Business Wire, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and all other mainstream news channels in the Conglomerate at the start of 2011, E.L. Rothschild LLC Acquires a Majority Stake in Weather Central, LP


sounds like E.L. has bespoke weather-management software guiding his Global Warming/Climate Change agenda - that's still Carbon Tax to you and I, dear friends.

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Anonymous said...

Those videos were shut down.... wtf?

Vatic Master said...

Yup, the powers that be now ignore the law with respect to copy righted material and the fair use doctrine, IF THEY DON'T LIKE what you are showing. Its censorship and we must not forget that when Google comes up for renewal. What? you say, Google is in on it? Thats right. So now we change our game plan as well. If they can ignore our laws, then so can we. Take that for what its worth.