Obama, Rothschild Choice

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Vatic Note:  Finally someone has done the research to dig into Obama's past along with his family line.  Remember when he was running for office, it was disclosed that he was related to not only the Bushs, cheney and doggone everyone else, but also to the Queen of England which is a sure sign he was a khazar since that has been the case in western leadership for centuries.  This is not just about Obama, Bush sr and Jr are also khazars as Mrs Bush Sr admitted recently.  She also admitted recently that she made a mistake as a young woman and had an affair with Senator Lieberscum and that Bush Jr is Lieberscum's (khazar) son.  Now that blew me away.  No wonder Daddy Bush never bonded with Jr, but did with Jeb Bush.  I could never figure that one out before. 

Also we just now this week published a blog about the strategy of Solomon in birthing his own spy force to use globally and many were not Jewish as we know it.  (scroll down the article to the Solomon piece and a lot will make sense after reading it).   Reread that if you can either before or after reading this and understand what a strategy that is.  They father these illegitimate children and then guide them through selecting an occupation, financing their education, satanizing them, and then using them for their evil purposes.  We saw that with Hitler, Winston Churchill, both Clintons, and now Obama.   We also proved that they are educated at Oxford under a Rhodes scholarship.  Clinton and the President of China were both educated under a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford which is also the home of "SECRET SOCIETIES".  They know everything we are just now finding out.  The legit heirs are educated at Yale and Harvard etc, and belong to skull and bones and other secret societies here in the states. 

A seriously large number of American Presidents have been khazars and related to the royalty of Britain, even if they did good for us, it was always with a seriously bad intention and result in the end as we see today.  Either as a way to infiltrate our government, or extract wealth from us or for purposes of providing disposable bodies for their wars of profit and land grabs, and definitely controlling history as we saw with the blog today. He does a commendable job of putting all this together. We do not get any compensation for presenting this to you, rather we are doing it to expose and educate, since much of our pieces of info we have published here,  match what he has said below, only he has put it together with further research into a whole big picture.   Much of this you have read on here before, but not all of it and not the entire big picture.  It helps to have financial support to be able to do that.  Please read below and if you can afford it purchase the full DVD and get even more. 

"Barack Obama will go down in history as America’s first Jewish President."

Abner Mikva (Jew)
Former White House Counsel,
Clinton Administration
(Chicago Tribune, Dec. 12, 2008)

Barack Obama won 52.9 percent of the votes in the presidential election. But that is not why he is President of the United States. He sits in the White House for one reason and one reason only: Barack Obama was Rothschild’s Choice.

Even more startling is the goal that Rothschild’s man has been assigned by Illuminati "chieftains" to accomplish. That goal is nothing less than the systematic dismantlement and destruction of America and its occupation by a Jewish-run Mafia. Barack Obama was chosen to become the first leader of a Jewish-ruled New World Order.

The American presidential sweepstakes is an impressive spectacle. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent by candidates who fiercely compete on TV, internet, by direct mail, and in print for the hearts and minds of American voters. Millions of words and images are heard, seen and debated. Contentious issues are vigorously discussed.

Finally, on the second Tuesday in November, millions go to the polls and proudly cast their ballots. Voila! The citizens of the U.S.A. have freely chosen their new President to occupy the White House.

It all happened just that way in 2008, didn’t it? And a half-blood white/black man born in Hawaii named Barack H. Obama won—Well, didn’t he? God bless democracy and the American way. All bow down to the peoples’ choice, right?

Barack Obama: Rothschild’s Choice
Well, dear friends...wait just a minute. I have some very disturbing news for you. What you think you saw in 2008 during that strange and tumultuous election year was actually far removed from what really happened behind-the-scenes.

Was Barack H. Obama, in fact, America’s choice? Did he win based on merit according to the consensus of the electorate? The title of my newest video holds the surprising answer to this all-important question: Rothschild’s Choice: Barack Obama and the Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to Murder America (Available in DVD only).

The ninety minutes of documentation in this video reveal how one man, and one man alone, in 2008 chose America’s new President. And that choice was made long before most Americans had ever even heard the odd and remarkably unconventional name, "Barack Obama." Yes, Obama was Rothschild’s Choice.

           The Scion of Today’s Rothschild Dynasty
When President Obama visited Egypt, people there hailed him as the new "Tutankhaman, Pharaoh of Egypt." Amazingly, this cover of Time was  clearly intended to promote the same idea—one more example of Rothschild's mind-bending psychological control techniques.

Lord Jacob Rothschild is the fourth Baron de Rothschild and rules a vast empire as the current head of the planet’s most illustrious bloodline. Who are the Rothschilds? Few Americans know of the terrible power and influence of this wealthy Jewish dynasty. But believe me, the leaders of this world know of Jacob Rothschild and his kin.

Politicians like Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, and, yes, Barack Obama tremble in fear when the name "Rothschild" is so much as mentioned in passing.

The power of the Rothschilds is greater than the combined influence and authority of the Democrat and Republican Parties. The red shield, the Rothschild Family crest, holds sway over all the nations of Europe, and many a government has toppled because a Rothschild was displeased with its performance.

New York’s Wall Street and London’s "The City" financial districts stoop to hear Rothschilds’ instructions, and national currencies alternatively shrink or boom in value, depending on their favor. As it is recorded in Revelation 18, "the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed (become) rich..."

Barack Obama, America’s First Jewish President
The Rothschilds, above everything else, are Zionist Jews. The hidden cabal ruled by Rothschild always make sure a Zionist politician—be he Democrat or Republican—is sworn in as President of the world’s greatest superpower. The last U.S. president to violate this cardinal rule was Richard M. Nixon, whose spirited rebellion against America’s Rothschild Jewish faction was short lived and tragic in its demise.

Barack Obama’s mysterious emergence as a political superstar was no fluke, no flash-in-the-pan. Obama had been meticulously groomed and trained since youth to become—get this!—America’s First Jewish President. Dare I repeat?—Barack Obama is America’s first Jewish President. No, not by DNA, not according to the flesh, but regardless, a Zionist Jew; and the Jew part is so ingrained in his nature that the world’s most influential billionaire Jewish Illuminati honor him as a devout Zionist who can be trusted. Obama, the Jews say, "has a Jewish soul." Obama is Jewish "in his gut," says one top Jewish politico.  (VN:  Remember, these are not Jews as we know them, they are Satanic Pagan Khazars who engage in blood sacrifices of children,  sexual perversions in the name of satan and at the highest levels of industry and government, much has already been exposed on that subject)

Barack Obama, a Communist Mentored by a Homosexual Pervert
Now, Communism is Jewish, and Obama is also a dyed-in-the-wool Communist. History confirms that the Red Terror’s chief movers and shakers—Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Leon Trotsky (VN:  Also known as Bronstein)  —were ideologically Communist. But more significant, these architects of extreme socialism were—and this is paramount—Jews. Jews (VN:  Khazars) by race, Jews by conduct and goals. So, too, is Barack Obama both Communist and Jewish, his Jewishness being a matter of spirituality, (VN:  Paganism/Satanism)  ambition and affiliations.

As I show in my new video, Barack Obama’s white mother was a Communist, his white grandparents were Communists, and the black man who mentored him from youth, Frank Marshall Davis, was also a Communist. Davis was, moreover, a perverted, bisexual dope-head and a bigoted racist. Davis, who became a father to young Barack, once wrote a book about his own dark sexual exploits. He bragged of "spanking" sex-crazy white women and of having swinger parties with depraved white women. His unusual ties as mentor and teacher of Barack Obama are revealed in my video.

Obama’s most intimate Chicago associates were, and are today, Communists. Virtually all are Jews, and most are gay. (VN:  From my research, I believe its because most are pedophiled as children which affects for life their sexual predilections, remember Bush Jr was gay with Ashe who was reassigned to Poland as ambassador to prevent such a disclosure, but it got out anyway.  This is why Satanic ritual includes pedophiling children.  It breaks a split in the brain for mind control purposes and that is why they do it, to control the subject when they become an adult).  Indeed, Barack Obama’s whole life has been a sordid cesspool and saga of Communist instruction, Zionist philosophy, intensely perverted homosexual buggery, fer-vent anti-Americanism and a "Hate Whitey" form of black racism. What we have here is a President whose agenda is alien to our Constitution, a man committed to Marxist aims and a Zionist Police State.  (VN: Even with all of this I still believe this was never voluntary, rather he was mind controlled from an early age.  If you watch Cathy O'Briens video on the pedophiling of children and other documentaries on satanic ritual sexual abuse, she tells what happens to them, you will agree with that assessment and the surgeries on his brain give a much different picture of whether he was ever in control of himself and his ideals, that doesn't mean he should be President, it just means that unlike Bush Jr, he had no choice in anything, rather was controlled from the gitgo and was hardwired, rather than softwired like Bush JR which cannot be broken, like softwiring can.).

Surrounding Obama in the White House and in Washington, D.C. is a frightening array of Jewish radicals and Zionist agents of influence. Jewish controllers—including White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and chief political advisor David Axelrod—monitor and guide Obama in his work of destruction. Behind them all is a hidden cabal led by the powerful Rothschild family. President Obama and our cowardly Congress have already given Rothschild’s Wall Street cronies over sixteen trillion dollars in the ongoing "Economic Recession" scam.


A Frightening Array of Jewish Radicals and Zionist Agents

Our national wealth has been plundered by these madmen and still, they want more. With Rothschild’s Choice, Barack H. Obama, sitting at the pinnacle of world power, they intend to grab it all. And who can possibly prevent them from achieving their sinister aims?

America’s prosperity is in tatters; our Constitution, our vaunted liberties and freedoms, and everything we and our ancestors have worked—and died for—are now in great jeopardy. We are hanging by a thin, gossamer thread to the last vestiges of our American heritage and way of life. Will we allow Rothschild, his hidden cabal, and his Chosen, President Barack Obama, to sever this single, frayed thread and put an end to the nation that once was a beacon of light to western civilization and to the whole world?

My fervent prayer is that, with God’s help, we will gather up our inner courage and, whatever the cost, bravely stand up to tyranny and make a last stand for truth and righteousness. We haven’t much time. As Jesus said, we must work now "while it is day: the night cometh when no man can work." (John 9:4)

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Barack Obama and the Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to Murder America


"Chosen by hidden superiors, we discover that President Barack Obama is heir to a terrible Master Plan conceived long ago and now being lethally implemented. Barack Obama has become the ultimate instrument in a dark plot to deconstruct and 'murder' America."

Texe Marrs
Author and Researcher

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Anonymous said...

Excellent read.

Anonymous said...

How were you 'unable' to post this? Was it the keywords?

American Action Report said...

That would reasonably explain how it's possible for ordinary people, or even sub-ordinary people who barely have walking-around sense, can become President of the United States. It also makes sense that losers are often chosen for the roles. Losers are more malleable to people who show them special attention.
I've been reading a scholarly work called "The Third Reich." A single paragraph from the book says that from 1907-1909, Hitler was on a downward spiral and he hit rock bottom. From 1909-1913, he lived in a more comfortable homeless shelter financed by "charitable" individuals such as the Rothschilds. Plenty of radical reading material was available there. The author of that book didn't seem to realize the importance of that paragraph. Then again, the author of that book never had the advantage of reading the Vatic Project.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous, you would have had to be here to see it for yourself. They gutted the blog twice with just the preposting text up on the screen and that is what got posted. Then I finally emailed my partner to put it up for me and we had a shift change so I decided to try again. This time I got it up but they gutted all the photos and messed with the script both type and size. I had to go in and fix all that. It was the vatic notes spaced throughout the article that did it. They did not gut it when it went up by my partner without the Vatic Notes. So, I was smart enough to make a copy each time with all the notes, so I was able to recreate it and mess with the photos and get those up too. It took me hours. lol

Vatic Master said...

American Action Report, I think your observations are quit insightful, especially about the "quality" of our choices for both President and congress. Its gotten pathetic as all get out.

The joke now is if your unemployed, have no skills, a bit of a sex and drinking problem, then you are qualified to run for congress. LOL I am beginning to believe the joke is no longer a joke, but our unfortunate reality.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Seems I missed something somewhere. Can you please cite a source for these statements? Thanks.

"Bush sr and Jr are also khazars as Mrs Bush Sr admitted recently. She also admitted recently that she made a mistake as a young woman and had an affair with Senator Lieberscum and that Bush Jr is Lieberscum's (khazar) son."

Anonymous said...

I was able to locate the original source for that quote in my comment above. It CLEARLY is a satirical website. All articles are written as if "real"...but contain ridiculous claims. Sorry, but your source on this one doesn't hold up for me, I'm afraid.

Vatic Master said...

Well, we must be doing something right, the trolls are out in force tonight. I am honored. LOL Its posted on a blog here on this site and so is the link and its not a satirical source either. Look again.

Vatic Master said...

Oh, forgot to mention. My partner had to try and put this blog up for me because the cyberwarriors kept taking it down. 5 times, now why would someone do that if it is just a comedy act??? They wouldn't waste their time, or at least they haven't in the past. Sorry, its a no go for us here, Don't waste your time trying to make it go away.

Anonymous said...

Vatic -- I am not a troll. In fact, you and I recently had quite a nice exchange behind the scenes. But I have never seen this "Lieberman was Bush Jr's father" story before, and it doesn't "feel right" to me, either.

So I googled. This is the website that I found with the original article. To me, the articles are all clearly fiction.

I'm not trying to mess with you here, I am just trying to keep good websites, like yours, credible. Which I don't think this specific reference is.

Here's the link. If I have gotten the wrong website, please direct me to the one you got it from that you feel is more credible.

You have my private email, so if you would rather do it that way, please do. Shari in SF ^i^


Vatic Master said...

Ramura 001 - Ok, thank you for explaining. As you can imagine we get harassed like you would not believe and part of that harassment is sending me searching again through 3,000 articles to find something they decide I would not try to verify and thereby make me look like an idiot.

I sometimes get burned out just responding and fighting the cyber warriors and I never know which it is so I apologize for assuming the worst. I will do the search again and find that link for you, and get back to you. Another thing they do is purge info I have obtained through legit sources and now they are filtering the search engines as well, so we are trying to figure out how to back up the blog with all the links.

We are also working on trying to ge the newsletter out once again and all of that is eating us up and we don't know if we will even be able to continue since we now need to supplement our contributions because we now are short every month, so you can see, its gotten pretty tense. I will definitely try to find that if you will just be patient since it will take some time. OK??? Watch for the response. It will be coming.

I remember it clearly because she talked about how very bad she felt about making such a mistake and the cost to her for doing so. It actually made me feel some compassion for her. Oh, she also explained why Leiberscum was so supportive of Bush as President and why he seemed so protective of him. It all added to the credibility of her disclosure. Anyway, it was a good read, so hang in there and I will find it for you. Thanks for caring about our credibility.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, "V", for your response. I appreciate it. I DID find a LOT of links when I googled "is Joe Lieberman George W. Bush's father" that showed a RIDICULOUS amount of support by Joe Lieberman for GWB. But I attribute that to the fact that they both work for the same masters.

Look for a little something in your stocking...

S ^i^