So, What about the Basque People? RH neg Blood begs the Question!

Vatic Note:  I fell upon this ditty quite by accident and here in one fell swoop, I get the explanation for all that which we put up about why the powers that be are afraid of our DNA.   Now reading this, I believe I understand why.  We did numerous blogs on DNA, consciousness, and the "power" that we have that has been kept quite secret from us for thousands of years.   Read this below and follow the links and you will only be scrapping the surface of what is an intriguing and interesting theory about our evolution.  We are not done yet either.   Please take the time.  And see that we can actually do our Strategy number one and possibly have an impact, IF THEY HAVE NOT ALREADY downgraded our DNA through GMO, poor quality water, air pollution and other attempts.  We will find out, won't we???  But lets give this a serious try.  We certainly have nothing to lose.   Imaging and deep focusing may well be the answer.  Remember, the Basque people have been viciously persecuted and harrassed by the Royalty and gov of Europe and yet they not only survived in tact, but have thrived.  Oh, yes, that movie.... hmmm, they do mention something about internal work to help fight this situation we are in. 

Notes about the Basque People
by Bibliotecapleyades

  1. Some 6 percent of Europeans are descended from the continent's first founders, who entered Europe from the Near East in the Upper Paleolithic era 45,000 years ago, Dr. Richards calculates. The descendants of these earliest arrivals are still more numerous in certain regions of Europe that may have provided them with refuge from subsequent waves of immigration. One is the mountainous Basque country, where people still speak a language completely different from all other European languages. Another is in the European extreme of Scandinavia. Another 80 percent arrived 30,000 to 20,000 years ago, before the peak of the last glaciation, and 10 percent came in the Neolithic 10,000 years ago, when the ice age ended and agriculture was first introduced to Europe from the Near East.

  1. The blue people are a common story to the Appalachians. I do have a thought for you, or thoughts. Edgar Cayce predicted that when the last throes of Atlantis finally sank into the sea, its people were spreading to colonies across the world, one group in the Yucatan, some to what we call Morocco, another to the Pyrenees, and more even to what we today call the Carolinas region of North America.

    Now we know through DNA testing that the NON-indo-european Basques of the Pyrenees, the Berbers of Morrocco, and the Mayans of the Yucatan are almost a perfect match in DNA testing. What if these Blue people, or even the Melungeons of eastern Kentucky (who by the way, migrated from the Carolinas in their own lore) could be the lost piece of this Atlantean Colonial system.

  2. Interbreeding
    I stumbled upon a piece of information during one comm but I can’t quite remember what the line of conversation was about. I do remember thinking that they had interbred with humans at one time. Maybe it was another species of aliens... I can’t remember. But I feel it is quite possible there are people living today that are descendants of “inter-terrestrial” parings.

    My suspicions are, if this is true, that the Basque people of the mountains between Spain and France are the most likely candidates in the search for their progeny. I have read that the Basque language has no identifiable roots and that they are also genetically different than all other humans on the planet. As far as I can tell, from the scientific community, they are a human anomaly.

  3. There is a document about Project Aquarius that deals with the history of the Aliens and their interaction with Homo sapiens for the last twenty-five thousand years. This interaction culminated with the Basque culture and the Assyrians. But Project Aquarius was closed. Their planet has turned into a desert following a war they had with another race. They have been devastated, they are in evolutionary decline, their digestive system is atrophied. They come here in search of new genetic material.

  4. AQUARIUS is a project which compiled the history of alien presence and their interaction with Homo Sapiens upon this planet for the last 25,000 years and culminating with the Basque people who live in the mountainous country on the border of France and Spain and the Syrians.

  5. Tradition has it that Hyperboreans were in contact with various “alien cultures”. War supposedly broke out between the Hyperboreans and other civilizations (atomic war).
  6. Descendants of the Thule caste (Celts) emigrated elsewhere to other areas of the planet. They colonized these areas, driven by “memory chromosomes” inherited from their space-travelling ancestors.

    These star seed people are mostly of Celtic origin (Basques, Irish, English, Norsemen, Icelanders, Bretons, Spaniards and Portuguese) which, strangely enough, make up the largest percentage of RH-NEGATIVE blood types.
  7. These methods of concentration were probably based on Ignatius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises. The Jesuit techniques of concentration and visualization are similar to many occult teachings, especially in shamanic cults and Tibetan Buddhism. The Nazi’s revered these Jesuit Spiritual Exercises, which they believed had been handed down from ancient Masters of Atlantis.

  8. The occultists of the time knew that Ignatius was a Basque — some claimed that the Basque people were the last remnant of the Atlantean race — and the proper use of these techniques would enable the reactivation of the Vril for the dominance of the Teutonic race over all others.
  9. Traditionally, the Hyperboreans were in contact with extraterrestrials or ‘alien cultures’, in some versions of this, there was interbreeding. In common with the legendary inhabitants of Atlantis, they engaged in war with neighbouring civilizations. This escalated into the use of atomic weapons, resulting in a pyrrhic victory for the Hyperboreans, who, as well as defeating their enemies, virtually destroyed themselves in the process. In common with radiation damage in recent times, the surviving Hyperboreans were soon faced with the prospect of mutated and otherwise damaged offspring.

  10. Showing remarkable resolve, those who had not sustained any apparent genetic damage, banded together and effectively removed themselves from the gene pool, a variety of self imposed quarantine. Any ‘damaged’ offspring from this group, were neutered. This early example of eugenics was practiced until they were sure that any defective genes had been bred out. The other mutated group eventually died out, whether they were ‘assisted’ in this, is open to debate. This may seem like, and indeed is, a harsh, clinical line to adopt, but being faced with the extinction of their entire race, they had little other option.

    The descendants of this seminal ‘Mother race’ were the Celts who, like the ripples on a pond, spread out, colonizing various northern areas of the planet. Scots, Irish, Basques, Spanish, Scandinavians, Icelanders and the Portuguese, all these peoples are of Celtic origin. These disparate nationalities have one common genetic trait, a large percentage of RH-negative blood types, which, according to the beliefs of the Thule society was a characteristic of the Hyperboreans and their extraterrestrial associates.


    It has been suggested by linguistics that a nomadic Cro-Magnon society existed all the way from Morocco to the British Isles (which explains Stone Henge, similar sites in France, the caves near Basque, and Lixus). Both anthropologists and linguists agree that Basque is descended from a Cro-Magnon language.
    Interesting notes: The Basque word for knife means “stone that cuts” and the word for ceiling means “top of cavern”. Basque is also a mystery in terms of its alien styles of vocabulary, syntax and grammatical structure. While the meanings and definitions of words are considered to be primitive, the actual syntax is extremely complex and orderly.

    Both the Romans and Carthaginians recorded that Basque was originally very widespread.
  11. Berber left behind the Guanches of the Canary Islands, and Basque their unique European language. Prof. Johannes Friedrich, the leading linguist and expert on Berber claims the language has not changed in almost 2000 years. Its complexity assures that.

    The extinct Iberian language (found only on tablets) is related to modern Basque, and is suggested to be either an earlier version of Basque, or a language spoken by one of the earlier stages of Cro-Magnon man.

    Welsh, Erse and Gaelic use the same complicated syntax that Basque does. The people living in the British Isles used that language long before the Kelts arrived in 1800 BC. Welsh is peculiar in that it adopted Keltic words into its vocabulary, but maintained the syntax. It is suggested that Pre-Keltic Welsh was identical to Basque.

    The Mayas continue to this day to speak their language, and to the surprise of a Basque missionary during the 1500s come to convert them, found that they spoke almost exactly the same language, with a slight difference in pronunciation.

  12. It is clear from ancient writings that belief in Atlantis was common and accepted in Greece, Egypt, and Mayax {Mayan and Aztec Empires) by historians. The Basques of Spain, the Guals of France, the tribes of the Canary and Azores islands, a tribe in Holland, and dozens of Indian tribes all speak of their origins in a large lost and sunken Atlantic land.

  14. The Survivors: "Homo Sapiens Sapiens"?

    Meanwhile, Atlantean Man is identified with Cro-Magnon, or Aurignacian Man: Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the first really modern human, upright, with large brain and developed larynx for speech. This culture still survived as the colonizers of the remnants of the Atlantean empire. Like other colonizers in history who have lost their homeland, they preserved what they could of the language, technology and culture, but they were attacked by predators, hungry and cold in the new dark age after the floods and dust cloud.
    They were unable to maintain their original culture and, like Britain after the Romans left, declined into a long period of chaos, isolation and racial amnesia: possibly the distant ancestors of cultures like the Basques, Sumerians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Carians, Mayans, proto-North American Indians, Mayas, pre- Olmecs and pre-Incas.
  15. The Basques
    Two facts set the Basque people apart from the other Europeans who have dominated the continent the past 3,000 years:
    1. The Basque language is distinctly different
    2. The Basques have the highest recorded level of Rh-negative blood (roughly twice that of most Europeans), as well as substantially lower levels of Type B blood and a higher incidence of Type O
    The Basques have:
    • A unique system of measurement based on the number 7, instead of 10, 12, or 60
    • Made regular visits to North America long before Columbus to fish and to trade for beaver skins. (Recently unearthed British customs records show large Basque imports of beaver pelts from 1380-1433)
    • The invention of a sophisticated navigational device called an "abacus." (No relation to the common abacus)
    The Basques have the highest proportion of rhesus-negative blood in Europe, but they also have one of the highest percentages of type-O blood (55%). Another salient genetic feature in Basques is the shape and sutures (bone joints) of their cranial bones [The Reptilian skull ridge].
    Another skeletal difference is the tendency to having a thicker breast bone.
    More About Rh-Negatives:
    Some suggest the Rh-Negative Hybrids came from the DRACO Caverns in the Carpathian Mountains and are mostly red-headed people with green eyes; but some may have black hair and brown eyes. There is little doubt that Rh-Negative people are Hybrids; and evidence seems to suggest they are part Reptilian and part Human.
    If two Rh-Negatives try to have a baby it will usually abort, be born dead, die shortly after birth, or be born a "BLUE Baby", because it is not processing oxygen properly - thus the term "Blue-Bloods." Currently, only 5% of the Earth's population are Rh-Negatives; but an amazing 15% of England's population is Rh-Negative.
    On the other end of the scale, the lowest incidence of Rh-Negative individuals (1%) is in Iceland. The Basques of France and Spain show unusual patterns for several genes, including the highest rate of the Rh-negative blood.
    Their language is of unknown origin and cannot be placed within any standard classification.
    extracted from 'Contact - Is the world ready?'
  16. The mystery surrounding Rh Negative blood has given rise to many theories - the most common however is the extraterrestrial connection. The myth of the legendary polar country of ‘Hyperborea’ speaks of a utopian civilization that was in touch with extraterrestrials. Within this utopian setting a contingent of Hyperboreans bred with the aliens, and according to many writers this gave birth to the Rh Negative members of the Hyperborean society. The story goes that Hyperborea fell into chaos through atomic warfare with it’s neighbors.
    The effects of the radiation that followed caused serious genetic mutations and deformities amongst many of the people. The Hyperboreans managed somehow to separate the pure from the genetically impure. The result was that the impure died out, either they were assisted in this, or the two went their separate ways, the pure surviving and the impure dying out.
    The Hyperboreans according to some writers went on to become the Celtic peoples, who colonized Northern Europe and Asia. These Celts still carrying with them the Rh Negative people - the human/alien hybrids from their interaction and breeding with the extraterrestrials from their past.

    The above legend is interesting because it associates the Rh Negative blood type with the Celtic tribes, as if this is where the Rh Negative gene spread from!
    It is very interesting that the Rh Negative blood is more common in the Celitc and Basque peoples.
    The legend of Hyperborea and it’s interaction with extraterrestrials, resulting in a minority of it’s population becoming Rh Negative, mirrors very closely my understanding with that of the twelve tribes of Israel and the thirteenth tribe of Levi. What if the above legend actually refers to Israel and not the mythical polar country of Hyperborea. Could the legend of Hyperborea actually be the legend of Israel - the nation that was formed to house an unearthly addition?extracted from Star Children! 

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susan904 said...

Thank you for the post!I have been following this subject(RH-Negative) as well most everything else,of coarse I am rh-neg,and your right the money,I was born in Charlottle,N.C,Keep the info coming,its awesome!
Blue in Fla

Debra said...

Good info. The problem with this and anything that I have been able to dig up is that there is no fact attached to it. I wonder why science has not made any known effort to unravel the concept of blood type, period. I have long held theories that blood type is indeed relative to personality, health, perception, etc. If I think this then so many others do also. So why no research? The void in this area of science seems so significant. Though I recently heard on local news that persons with Type A and B have been shown to be more pronouced in strokes. I have found out that the Shroud of Turin has AB Negative Blood type. I have found that a large number of US presidents are RH Negative. As are a large number of Hollywood stars and well known musicians. Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendricks, Paul McCartney to name a few.
The lack of viable research is just plain weird.

Debra said...

One more thing...
After I posted on your last article regarding this issue I had a visit from an "FBI" agent under the pretext of talking to me about the business that I manage which is a storage facility. At the time I thought it weird because he did not even show me his badge until pretty far along in the conversation. I would not have even thought that this was connected to my quest for info until I kept seeing that we should not be putting this out in the webosphere. This includes the last post on the previous thread. I have been told that us of RH Negative Blood are tracked through out our lives. If so... WHY? That is my quest. To find out WHY

Vatic Master said...

First of all, thanks everyone for reading what I am finding and this is a pretty impressive rabbit hole. I have found more and will put it up shortly, so stay tuned. LOL

Also we have begun creating our "RH Neg Support Group" blog. Its in the early stages and probably won't be finished until the first of the year but we will give you the url and all info once its done. OK???? Its turning out we need this group for reasons way beyond what we thought.

This is a good thing... not to worry, its a good thing, and next time the FBI comes to someones door, ask him if he is RH Neg and watch his face once you do. LOL

Debra said...

Good idea. :)

Another interesting thing that I am finding is....
I have been posting questions as to "What is your Blood Type?" on some of the "Lightworkers" sites and am not surprised to find that the vast majority are RH- with a large number that responded being O-. Pretty interesting.
Thanks for your work on the Support Blog. Looking forward to being a part of such an interesting subject.

Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!! to all blood types out there.

Vatic Master said...

Debra, am just now beginning to find studies on blood types as well, so hang in there, I have a feeling we are going to have a great support group. Right now I am just trying to decide whether to make it a closed site, where you have to register and pay a small fee to join, which will keep out the lookie lous. Any feedback on that would be appreciated. Let me know what you think.

As for the light workers, that makes sense. It also makes sense why the Gov kept American Indians on Reservations and why the Queen of England comes to Canada to murder children of those same Indians. This gets pretty complicated and will discuss in a later blog. Thanks.

Unknown said...

yes...hello...love and light here...also am 0-...always have been out of the box...is it the truman show???? out here doing my work...at all times...love you all...lets make it happen as one!!!

Unknown said...

yes...hello all...i am 0-...have been a light worker since birth...always have wondered why i am sooo different...never been in the box...so to speak...looking for others!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello all...AB negative here.
I'm amazed at all this wonderful info. It hasn't been until only recently; that I've seen such interest on this topic; both pro and con. This is the 'pro' side (if I may). I've seen some disturbing things on Youtube concerning Rh neg. blood. One really freaked me out and I don't get freaked easily. It was accusing RH-Negatives of being these creatures called the "Nephilim". It made me wonder if and when they'd be coming for me; dragging me out of my house; just because I was Rh negative.
I would love to join a 'group' here but only if it was 'closed'.
The atmosphere out there isn't too welcoming or healthy towards Rh negative blood.

Concerning the Basque people. I read an article that stated they were considered....
"terrorists" because they refuse to give up their language and culture and join either the French or Spanish (who border them on either side) and become assimilated into either one of those Countries/Cultures.
How sad.
Keep the info coming ! Keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

..oh ! To Debra:
I too have read that Rh negatives are 'tracked' during their life time...and like yourself? I want to know why too. No one ever tells you as a child that you have Rh- blood; usually you only find out when you either become pregnant (which leaves out the Rh- male population) or when you decide to be a blood donor. So if you don't become prego lol and you can't stand the sight of blood?...here you are not knowing your own blood type and yet you are being 'tracked' ??? Why ???
Very interesting and weird.
So I'm with you Debra !
Inquiring Rh- minds wanna know !
Happy New Year all....

Debra said...

Hi Anonymous!
Thanks for the reply. I am really trying to get to the bottom of WHY this is such a taboo subject in the medical world. I have a relative in nursing and started to ask her what she was taught and her eyes kinda glazed over and all she could reply was I should sell my blood for an extra income. ????? Well alrighty then. Even those that are trained as our caretakers are clueless.
Happy New Year to you also and I will continue this quest. They can track me all they want. If they want to come and drag me out of my place they will have a real fight on their hands!!! lol :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Debra
I keep checking back too see if there is any new info.
Agreed ! I'd go kicking and screaming too. I've never been one to go 'quietly' into that good night.
Funny you mentioned 'selling' blood.
When my son was born and the nurse came to give me "the 'shot'" She spent 15 minutes trying to convince me to become a blood donor due to what she called my 'rare blood type. When she saw that she was getting no where with me; she told me how much 'money' I could make donating it. Unbelievable. Like I'd put a price on myself like that; as if !
I've been researching the "copper" factor as opposed to 'positives' having more iron in their blood and we have more 'copper'. But I'm hitting brick walls; as to what that would signify health wise.
Have you heard about "Morgellons Syndrome"? This is new thing (disease) I just ran into; I never heard of it before. They claim that Rh- people have it more than Rh+.
And the plot thickens and the story continues.
Looking forward to more of your posts.

Debra said...

Hi Anonymus

So I looked up Morgellons Syndrome and was blown away that an educated mother, Mary Leitao, was called a lunatic for trying to get her son help. Our medical systems are so flawed but that is a whole other thread. I did not see anywhere that this is an RH- issue and was wondering if you could post those links here.

I am in the process of starting a web site and this will be a number one topic with its own section. I will post when I get it up and running.

The fact that there is really no good info on this is why sites like Vatic and hopefully mine will be helpful to those of us that want real answers to these questions.

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Debra
It's yer little buddy AnonymousE.
I'm putting the 'E' behind it just so you know it's me talking to you; in case someone else comes in as "Anonymous".
I can't give you any 'links'; but I can tell you where I was when I first heard of Morgellons.
Ever hear of a site called the
Rumor Mill Reading Room?
Go there. They discuss everything there; you'll have to wade through a lot of info. but I'm sure you'll find the 'discussions' and there are plenty of them on the topic.

The people (on the thread that I was reading) were mentioning that while anyone can contract this disease; it seems to be more prevalent in Rh negative ppl. Whether or not these people are in the "health care professions" ? I have no idea.

Some of the threads had links to them; but I just don't have the time to read all this stuff. So I don't know exactly where they were getting all their info. from. But you can check it out. The Rumor Mill has tons of info. on just about anything and everything !

I can't wait till you open your Site...I'll be there !

Shine Bright,

Debra said...

Thanks for the info AE. I also love the rumormill site. Almost as good as this Vatic Project site which I totally love also.
Thanks again and I will keep you posted (pun intended) to anything that I can dig up plus my site when I get it going.

Have a Light Filled day!

Vatic Master said...

Hey, all, I found an RH neg site that is far superior than anything I could put up in such a short amount of time. http://rhnegativeblood.ning.com/

As I am sure you can guess, my problem is time. I spend probably 4 hours just trying to put up one blog because of the cyberwarriors that do not like much of anything we post... so Bruecke has been stepping and helping until I can get help to clean up my system and get the piglets out of here.

Oh, forgot to give you the link. Once I get this blog cleaned up, I will begin again to get the RH neg site going. Its up, but a shell right now. Thanks for all your patience. Sometimes I have to get up at 2 am to get a blog posted in a rationale amount of time.... so please all, bear with me.... Its interferred with my ability to support it all and that is why I had to do fund raising to meet the deficit we have here. It isn't much but its a fortune to me when you don't have it.

I am sure they intended that to be the case when they crashed our economy. I realized suddenly, that I could not take on another one and do it justice if I am trying to hang onto the vatic project as well. So it was choice time for me. If I tried to do both it would have doubled my need for the month or more. So, I found this site and it does all that we need and everyone on there are neg blood, so I found them all to be very friendly and caring and sharing. I highly recommend you visit there.

Debra said...

To Vatic and AE
I have become a member of the web site mentioned and am so happy that you shared this info with us. Thanks ever so much!
AE.... if you join friend me.
Debra Payne is the name. They have a Morgellons group also. The info is more than on any site I have found.

Anonymous said...

I find these comments really interesting....I have O- blood, I have read, in previous articles we have more of an animal origin, longer tail bones, our cranial bones are different, we have a copper based body, and can interrupt electricity....we are genetically different, but not sure how exactly....but from other comments I have read, we know we are different...have also read we were mixed with hybrids of inter terrestrial beings... well I will let you know when a spaceship lands in my yard.....I do know there are things that cannot be explained
on this planet...