Don't fall for the planned destruction of America

Vatic Note:  I do not believe I have ever seen a summary with such specifics outlined that lays out what has happened to us, so well done as this below.  I highly recommend you read it all the way through and it socks home to us just how much we have lost and did not know the full extent.  Everything he has in here points to our negligence in not being aware of what our congress, bogus president and judiciary have taken on that is in direct violation of just about every principle outlined in our Constitution for putting limitations on our government in favor of the people who are the government and in charge of that government.  This is major big time treason and its documented such that anyone can  verify all these listed below for themselves.  I did not see his pointing out the Immunity, through the Patriot Act,  that dual Israeli citizen Chertoff gave to Israel for any role they may have played in 9-11, so add that into the hopper and its the biggest collection in one place of all these violations and acts of treason that these members of our foreign occupying government have engaged in with impunity.  Here is something that is clearly our cover for any action we may be forced to take in this regard.  Print this out and hang onto it for future needs that may arise. 

Don't fall for the planned destruction of America

Everyone can sense how dysfunctional America has become.
Everyone knows that America is in trouble, but few can explain why.

Those who have planned the destruction of America intend to collapse your Constitutional government, eliminate millennia of moral values, and use the chaos to install a dictatorship.

Congress is now promoting the destruction of America.  They passed so many laws that the people no longer understand the difference between right and wrong.   The average "law abiding" American is no longer law abiding.  There are so many laws that the average so-called "law abiding" American now commits three felonies a day. 

America has the highest incarceration rate of any nation. We are the least free nation on earth; And yet some people still insist that we are the freest nation.

In order to get a sense of how far we have fallen away from America's founding principles, you must first understand just how free your once-great nation was.  The U.S. Constitution was written to control government, not to control people.  To imagine what life was like back when America had a Constitutional government, click on the Freedom page at the left.
Governments protect rights.  The Constitution does not change.  The Declaration of Independence says governments are instituted among men to secure rights.  There is no authority to destroy rights.  And every government official since 1789 had to swear an oath-of-office-contract to uphold and defend the Constitution, so that the blessings of liberty would be perpetuated to today's generation. 

And NO, the Constitution is NOT a living document that changes with the whims of politicians.  Politicians must swear oaths to uphold and perpetuate the supreme law that controls them. 

"The Constitution is a written instrument.  As such, its meaning does not alter.  That which it meant when it was adopted, it means now..."
-- The U.S. Supreme Court
South Carolina v. US, 199 US 437 (1905)

These precious rights were fixed in our Constitution only after centuries of persecution and struggle. And in the words of Chief Justice Marshall, they were secured "for ages to come, and . . . designed to approach immortality as nearly as human institutions can approach it,"
-- The U.S. Supreme Court
Miranda v Arizona 384 U.S. 436, page 442

"...and it is the duty of the courts to be watchful for the constitutional rights of the citizen, and against any stealthy encroachments thereon."
-- The U.S. Supreme Court
Byars v. U.S., 273 US 28 (1927) repeating their earlier decision in Boyd.

The Supreme Court will construe provisions of Constitution which appear to be repugnant, so as to preserve the true intent and meaning of the Constitution…
-- The U.S. Supreme Court

"illegitimate and unconstitutional practices get their first footing in that way, namely, by silent approaches and slight deviations from legal modes of procedure.  It is the duty of courts to be watchful for the constitutional rights of the citizen, and against any stealthy encroachment thereon. "
-- The U.S. Supreme Court

" An Unconstitutional Act is not law; it confers no rights: it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed."
-- The U.S. Supreme Court

" Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them."
-- The U.S. Supreme Court

All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void
-- The U.S. Supreme Court

But somehow

Now, imagine living in a regime so repressive that:
·    The Supreme Court determined in Briscoe v. Lahue 460 US 325 that police cannot be punished for giving perjured testimony that convicts the innocent.
·    the head of the Harvard Law School testified to Congress that there is overwhelming evidence that police and prosecutors perjure themselves regularly in order to convict the innocent.  www.house.gov/judiciary/101308.htm
·   Federal prosecutors were clearly entitled to immunity for initiating prosecution, whether or not charges were false, and whether or not prosecutors knew charges were false...” (Martinez v. Winner, 771 F2d 424)
·    Judicial immunity is not waived even though actions on part of judge were grievously erroneous or prompted by malice or corruption” (Patterson v. Aiken, 628 FSupp 1068)
·    Judge is immune from civil damage suits ... immunity extends even to malicious or corrupt acts.” (Bryant v. O’Connor, 671 FSupp 1279)
·    Absolute immunity shelters prosecutors even when they act maliciously, wantonly, or negligently.” (Rykers v. Alford, 832 F2d 895)
·    the Supreme Court in 1972 Mitchum v. Foster, 407 US 225, 242 ruled that a citizen injured by a government officer and seeking injunctive relief needed an act of Congress.
·    people can still cancel the obligations of their contracts (bankruptcy), even though the Supreme Law of the Land says that NO state can impair the obligations of contracts. 
·    … with liberty and justice for all.  Mr. H. B. Chadwick, at age 73, was finally released from 14 years in jail in Pennsylvania without ever being charged with a crime.  A new judge finally agreed that he indeed did not know the testimony that previous judges were trying to force out of him. 

For more examples click on the Judicial Reform tab at the left.  Your civil servants are now out of your control.  We have gone from a nation that must punish corrupt officials, to one that must not punish corrupt officials.   

Now imagine a system of slavery so diabolical that:
·     "The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State: individual so-called 'ownership' is only by virtue of Government, i.e. law amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State" [Senate Document No. 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session, quoting Brown v. Welch]
·    the payment of a tax NOT owed creates an obligation to make future payments.
·    "The right of traffic or the transmission of property, as an absolute inalienable right, is one which has never existed since governments were instituted, and never can exist under government." Wynehamer v. NY, 13 N.Y. 378, 481.
·    a government licensed doctor (acting as the state’s agent), by signing a birth certificate, pledges the future earnings of the baby as collateral for the national debt.  This is a UCC financing statement pursuant to UCC 9-302. 
·    A couple, by getting a marriage certificate from the state, agree that their vows to the state god can be cancelled by a divorce court, and agree that slave babies belong to the state.  "Marriage is a civil contract to which there are three parties - the husband, the wife and the state." Van Koten v. VanKoten154 NE 146.  "The primary control and custody of infants is with the government."  Tillman v. Roberts 108 So. 62
·    100,000 children disappear every year in America, and the police are ordered to stop looking for them.

·    And another new law can jail Americans for life without a trial or a right to a lawyer, with only an accusation of wrongdoing.  The "Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010,"

Here is a newscast about the law from a Florida TV station.

A central banking system (such as the Federal Reserve Bank) is the fifth plank of The Communist Manifesto.   Up until 1913 (when 6 congressmen passed a law on December 23 at 11PM with no one else around) people thought a Communist style central bank would never be possible in America. Click on the Economic tab at the left for more information.

Congress knew more than 20 years ago that the National Debt was getting too large to pay.  Not wanting to forfeit any political clout and face the consequences of a tight budget, congress still borrowed more foreign money in order to bestow more government benefits (to get your vote).  In 1997 Clinton vetoed a balanced budget 7 times.  Your property was put up as collateral.  As foreign investors grew more skeptical of repayment, congress eventually had to put up your future labor as collateral.  They can do this because they are your representatives, and this money was used to provide what you demanded.  For more information, click on the Democracy tab at the left.

U.S. default is almost certain.   In 2010, Treasury had to refinance $2 Trillion, along with additional deficit spending of $1.5 Trillion.  They had to juggle $3.5 Trillion, which is nearly one-third of your entire Gross Domestic Product. 
·    Your fair share of the 2010 Obama $3.8 Trillion budget is $34,800 per taxpayer.  Not including state and local government budgets. You got what you voted for.  The bill is due next April 15. 
·    Our national savings are gone.  We only have $500 Billion savings in gold, oil reserves and foreign currency. But we paid at least the $880 Billion in foreign debt that became due in 2010.  And that is ignoring the domestic debt that is due and the amount we borrowed from the government trust funds. 
·        The party is over; you must now pay the bill.  Ever since 1913 when banks were allowed to charge usury, America has borrowed its way into a false reality instead of earning its way into prosperity.  The National Debt to bankers (mostly foreign bankers) is $126,600 per taxpayer. (and I'm using 110 million as the number of taxpayers, not the 99 million that actually had a tax liability). The "unfunded liabilities" that we borrowed from the Social Security and Medicare trust funds is $1,012,600 per taxpayer, making the total Government Debt over One million dollars per taxpayer. 
·        Since the government must default soon, imagine three tax collectors and a collection agency knocking at your front door.  The collection agency wants their $52,600 average personal debt per citizen (for mortgage, credit card, and consumer loans), and they must file their liens before the tax liens are filed. One tax collector gives you a tax notice for $126,600 for your share of the national debt. Another tax collector wants $13,700 per taxpayer for last year's budget deficit because they cannot borrow any more money.  And the third tax collector wants $1,012,600 to repay the unfunded liabilities that your Congressman borrowed on your behalf for what you demanded.
·        Your congressmen acted on your behalf to borrow what you wanted.  You cannot complain. You got what you wanted.  Now pay up.  You wanted to be responsible, didn't you? Imagine that the tax collectors demand payment, lien your assets, and a judge gives you a deadline before the police will evict you.  You will soon live this dream.  And Corporations cannot bail you out.  Corporation assets and profits are already owned by you: by your bank accounts, by your pension trusts, and by your insurance companies.
·        An Absconding Debtor can be jailed until the debt is paid.  After you are evicted and miss a payment, guess what? 
·        The US Supreme Court in 1988 US v. Kozminski, 487 US 931, confirmed that it is perfectly lawful in America to hold slaves to unpaid forced labor. 
·        Communist China is your largest creditor.
  • America is the largest debtor nation. 
  • Borrowers who don't pay will forfeit the collateral. 
  • Compton's Dictionary entry for slavery says that debt labor and statutory labor are often indistinguishable from slavery.


I want you to take a guess.  Guess what is the possibility -- from 0 percent to 100 percent -- that your future labor is hypothecated collateral that will be extracted in Communist forced labor camps? Consider the fact that hundreds of foreign zones are now authorized all over the U.S. as Hillary's villages to take care of you.

Abraham Lincoln:
            "As an individual who undertakes to live by borrowing, soon finds his original means devoured by interest, and next no one left to borrow from—so must it be with a government."
-- campaign circular from Whig Committee, March 4, 1843

You will soon loose the nation.  The two million Americans, who marched off to secure the blessings of liberty never to return home, will have all died in vain.

Did you somehow waive all of your rights?
OR was government overthrown?
OR was the Constitution obliterated?

Many conspiracy theorists want to blame the illuminati, but you will never find out exactly who they are. 
  • We know that the all-seeing eye on the Great Seal welcomed a Novus Ordo Seclorum, Secular New World Order.  But we should not overlook the symbolism of the owl on the front of the dollar bill which all politicians must worship If they want to advance.

  • Young rulers, such as Bush, Ahmadinejad and Clinton, all had to publicly salute their god before they were allowed upon the world's stage.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank is owned by the member banks, but the ultimate ownership of the member banks is in the 10 families who pledged your national collateral.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1914, during the pre-planning for World War I.  Paul Warburg was Chairman of your FRB, while his brother Max Warburg was head of the German central bank.  They remained so even after the Trading With the Enemy Act.  Both Prescott Bush and Joseph Kennedy gained their fortunes by trading with the enemy. So the banksters made sure the family dynasties stayed in power.
  • In 1915 the U.S. Mint – the “In God We Trust” people -- proclaimed The image is of an owl, sacred to Minerva and the symbol of wisdom”.  Minerva is the goddess of wisdom and agriculture.  The agriculture symbolism will become more significant as we study IRS authority, and the 1865 fresco of Young America wearing a liberty cap.  And a 65 foot tall 1893 statue named Republic that removed the liberty cap.

IN GOD WE TRUST is inscribed on your coins. But esteemed above all else in government, atop the Capitol Building for all to behold, is the mythical Roman god that they trust.

  • In 1931 Congress changed your National Anthem to one that doesn't mention God.
  • In the 1930s the State Bar Associations became Sate agencies. 
  • In the 1930's courts could no longer display a flag on the wall.  It must now be on a stand.  Pay attention to the symbolism.
  • And we know that in 1953 the president of the largest non-profit foundation, Ford Foundation's Rowan Gaither, told the Congressional Committee on Tax-Exempt Foundations' Norman Dodd that they get direct orders from the White House on how to implement policies to comfortably merge the US with the Soviet Union.  -- Is it any wonder that their flag is now red, white and blue?
  • The Secretary of the Treasury has already licensed your trading with the enemy.  Multinational authority is already pre-authorized by the US Congress to control your buying and selling with “actions, regulations, rules, licenses, orders and proclamations heretofore or hereafter taken...” according to Title 12 United States Code, section 95(b).  The Secretary of the Treasury has complete power over you.  Whatever drastic actions he wants to take to control you are already authorized by law.  His actions "heretofore or hereafter taken" have already been pre-approved by congress in 1933. 
  • You will need a global ID to buy or sell.  But you already knew that.

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