Alert Update: 6:36 pm - What Are We Capable Of? Has Real Resistance Arrived Or Another Clever Ruse/distraction?

ALERT: Update 6:36 pm -  All we had to do was wait awhile and the answer would appear.  Here is a headline  I just discovered thanks to an interactive email between Jim Kirwan and someone named Mark.   Pentagon to treat cyberspace as "operational domain", which is another peg on the side of this being a psychops to manipulate us into accepting their take over of the net.  It was bound to happen.  They can't go to the bathroom without us reporting it before the toilet paper is off the roll.  Do you blame them?   Now, if there are truly hackers out there, then this is where they get to use their craft in battle.   If we are cut off, then hackers can create an alternative path we can  use and do so without the cyber warriors doing their thing.  Lets hope there are some good guys out there to get around all this.  To be honest,  I hate being right.  I would have preferred that these guys were real, but I got sucked in just like everyone else on Wikileaks and learned my lesson big time.  Glad I did or I would not have been so cautious on this one. 

What Are We Capable Of?
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Message From Anonymous.

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(VN:  Remember, facebook is fully exposed to the intel services and monitored daily so they are not safe on that site, so why use it???  I have a lot of questions about this group before I get to excited about them, for a change lets use our heads and be careful.   Make them prove who they are and what they can do that means something. ITS ARROGANT TO THINK THEY WOULD NOT DO THE SAME TO US THEY HAVE DONE TO  OTHER COUNTRIES.... DECEPTION IS THEIR TOOL AND WE KNOW IT. If they are for real then combined with other strategies we are working on will definitely get the bad guys out of here unless they really use Haarp to destroy us physically.)

Vatic Note:   Lets keep somethings in mind as we consider this below....

1.  Ask yourselves "Why is the MSM reporting this???" They NEVER report anything that the bankers do not want out here.   Further, Assange admitted he worked hand in hand with Israel and ran all his leaks by them before releasing them as well as running them by the sec of State Clinton before releasing the leaks.  I have the video where he admits that after Veterans Today exposed his relationship with Israel,  so are they ignorant of that fact or are they doing the same thing that Assange did???  Work for the enemy through deception.

2.  The Egypt rebel leaders worked for the bankers,  same with Tunisia and Libya, and why?  Shira Banking was cutting into Rothschild profits in Africa where that  non interest charging lending was taking off like crazy along with gold and silver backed banking.   

3.  Oil companies could not get the same deal from either Egypt or Libya that they had from Iraq.  The only way they can get what they want was to control and initiate the rebellion.   

4.  Evidence this happened is in Libya where the leader of that rebellion was a 20 year CIA middle east operative.  Also in Egypt, remember who assumed Mubaraks position,  it was his torture man on his staff.   Same criminals, just a different leader and since then thousands of Egyptian rebels have either disappeared or been murdered and no press about it,  yet the press was  all over the story before the rise of this torture man to his position. 

5.  The first thing the libyan rebels did when they took control of the oil fields was to set up a Rothschild type bank with fiat currency and created their own private oil company and signed a contract with BP and other western oil companies that resembled that in Iraq which essentially robbed the Libyan people of their wealth. 

6.  Finally,  CONTROL OF THE SUEZ CANAL has now reverted to western nations including Israel and water in Libya is now under the rebels control which  means it will be privatized after it being public water all this time.  So this is important to make sure we are not being duped like the other nations.  I have a way to determine that.  Check it out after the video...... and consider it carefully which if they do it, will certainly prove to me that they are legit. 

7.  Finally, Remember,  THEY CANNOT GET OUR GUNS FROM US AND VIOLENCE AGAINST THEIR SMALL NUMBERS IS THEIR BIGGEST FEAR.  They will do anything to avoid that threat.  I agree that we should do all that this implies in the video, but I WANT SERIOUS PROOF THEY ARE FOR REAL BY DOING SOMETHING THAT REALLY DOES MAKE THE POINT BY ATTACKING THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUSLY HARMING AND KILLING OUR PEOPLE.  I have a list after the video that I believe would prove they are who they say they are and I pray we are right and they are who they say they are. 

I bring this up, not because I believe anonymous is the same thing,  but because I have questions about their existance, funding and leadership that needs to be answered.   What was done to those corporations did no serious harm.  Example:  Visa..... hacking into visa and shutting down their ability to get payments was what they did.   IF THEY WANTED TO REALLY HARM VISA,  WIPING OUT ALL DEBT ON THEIR RECORDS WOULD HAVE DONE THE JOB MUCH MORE EFFECTIVELY.  

So, lets get proof they are capable of doing what they say and ARE WILLING TO DO WHAT THEY SAY.  Chemtrails are on the rise again.   HACK INTO EVERGREEN AIRWAYS AND GET THE RECORDS SHOWING they are a CIA operative company doing drug running and other illegal work and SHOWING WHO HIRED THEM TO DO THE CHEMTRAILS, WHAT IS BEING DUMPED AND WHERE ITS BEING DUMPED AND THEN DESTROY ALL THAT INFO SO THEY CANNOT DO ANYMORE CHEMTRAIL DUMPING. That will prove you are who you say you are and can do what you say you can do AND ARE WILLING TO DO IT.

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Brock said...

As usual you make a good point vatic.
I'm hoping this is just a test run and the juicy stuff will come later. I kept discussing with a friend of mine why hackers expose themselves before we really need them. Well I think we have defiantly reached that time!

Vatic Master said...

Thanks, Brock, and that was a good question. Instead of this group simply going out and voiding all mortgages in every major brokerage house, and /or losing the Deeds that secured the mortgages, and doing it all truly anonymously, instead the MSM makes a big deal out of nothing important that they have done so far.

It reminded me of the wikileaks releases that Assange released that he passed by Israel (his sponsor) and Sec of State Clinton, (Israel's territorial governor for the USA), instead of just releasing them to the alternative press, knowing full well, the regular press would do nothing.

Well, since he has lost credibility, now comes another wikileaks by a different name that announces wikileaks as their excuse for doing what they are doing, INSTEAD OF SUPPORT FOR THE NATIONS THEY ARE FROM OR FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE GLOBE. Wikileaks should have nothing to do with this since they have been outted by their employees who resigned beause Assange was a psych ops for Israel.

Now this anonymous is giving Wikileaks a much needed boost in credibility. Are we so brainwashed we can't see these things???

Anonymous said...

You've got a sense for truth and all your points are valid. i watched several Anonmous youtube posts. It's a ruse. The posts are way too professional, the message is doublespeak, talk filled with "Don't you agree?" in that 'agree with me' persuasive tone. The voices are the best in the entertainment industry, combined with a hightly inflamatory, excitable sound-track, Then Sony makes their rebuttle and posts on youtube giving Hollywood Anonymous more weight. The sheeple will eat it like candy and react, giving Big Brother their justificatation to take complete control of the net while flushing out the sincere but naive who fall for the line: "Join us!" If the youth take to the streets like they've done in other countries, Big Brother will have their justification to test all their 'exciting, latest and best, alien-tech' weapons and start filling their empty concentration camps. The youth are the hope of the world but Big Brother has been indoctrinating them for generations, it's anybody's guess which way this will go.

Anonymous said...

On the face of it, it all sounds wonderful for those who have had enough of the financial slavery and governments working for banks and big business. But I fear Vatic's gut feeling is right and this is another push for those wanting a one world government. So the masses revolt and over run the governments, then what? How do we keep everything running? How do we avoid becoming a state of anarchy and living like cave men? For thousands of years people have happily lived thinking they have a government truly looking out for their best interests and so have idly sat by while slowly losing all their freedoms for other men's greed and lust of power. Now that people are becoming unhappy with their governments they will happily accept any so called saviours to again put things right. We must be very cautious about who or what we decide follow. A revolution might be just what the PTB are waiting for, for they are certainly doing everything possible to rile us up against them. A revolution will give them an opportunity to offer a saviour. I believe our saviour will come from within. Changing your own thinking will spread to those around you. The time for greed is gone, it is now time for love. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen.

Anonymous said...

I was taken by Anonymous for about 4 minutes.
The same it took me for Assange. Then something clicked internally that this is another 'charade'.
Just like Wikileaks. Face it: people want a hero,
there's a big splashy through-produced deceiver out there. I saw recently that Wayne Madsen feels the same way.

Anonymous said...

This thing has Mossad written all over it, and for all the reasons you mentioned. The banksters have already demonstrated their ability to produce revolution where they want and when they want...witness the Arab Spring. Perhaps its our turn now. The MSM has been dropping words like "civil unrest" lately. Now they're covering this story, instead of burying it.

And this hacking group has a forum you can go to, so they know who to pick up and take off to the camps. Brillaint!

I also think the stories in the MSM are going to get more sensational the closer we get to the "brown dwarf visit". More and more to distract people, as they sneak off to their underground bunkers. Bye the way, they chemtrailed the sky last night where I live, too.

Anyway, this thing smells....smells bad. "By way of deception, thou shalt do war."

Vatic Master said...

I agree with all you said, especially about our youth. Through Khazar controlled MTV, they have ritually satanized our youth, who, by the time they enter the military are half way to becoming satanists.

Remember, they were tested out in the field and murdered cold bloodedly women and children who were unarmed. Its gotten that bad.

So, what do we do about it??? Big question.

American Action Report said...

I watched their video, and I too was impressed by their professionalism. They covered all bases except their reliance on MSM to spread their message.
The grabber was the web site they gave for helping to "execute the plan." To get involved in the forum, you have to sign in and give them sensitive information about yourself. Hmm. How can you remain anonymous by doing that?
Even before watching the video, I suspected it was a trap to get the Conspiracy's opponents to identify themselves. Upon seeing their request to sign in, now I know it. Can you say, "FEMA camps?"

Vatic Master said...

American Action Report - very good observation and point. FEMA camps are definitely one of their options for using that info. We know for certain when we get a real cyberanonymous hacker. There will be no question about it and they won't be announcing themselves through the MSM, Like Wikileaks did.

They will be announcing their existance through their actions and won't need to say anything, as we out here will definitely get the message. That is one of the reasons I could not buy into these guys because what they had done was pathetic.