Marxist Terrorist is Next Brazil President

Vatic Note:   Remember Brazil?  This was the country that at the time of the bail out of Ford motor we did not know that bailout money was going to go to brazil where Ford needed it to finish building a new manufacturing plant while closing plants in the states.   The bailout funds would have insured jobs for Brazilian slave labor wage workers.   Gee,  our taxes hard earned, going to create jobs in a slave wage country, heaven forbid they use their profits and capital for building their own plant???  It appears the term Marxist now means fascist.   It no longer means communism as previously defined.   Fascism is "socialized" losses and "privatized" profits.  I have a solution for our bankcruptcy.    All those companies, banks, corporations that benefited from the bailout paid for by us and they owe us for it,  well, they can be the collateral for our own debt.   If we go belly up, the creditors can take over the corporations, banks etc, since we now own them for defaulting on their loan to us.  

Marxist Terrorist is Next Brazil President

August 26, 2010,

SAO PAULO, Aug 26 (Reuters) - Brazil ruling party candidate Dilma Rousseff surged ahead of her main rival in his home state bastion, a new opinion poll showed on Thursday, as she appeared headed for a mandate-booting outright win in the Oct. 3 election.

Rousseff of Lula's ruling Workers' Party had 49 points in the latest Datafolha poll, 20 points ahead of Serra. That compares with her 47-30 lead in the previous Datafolha survey released five days ago.

From Our Sao Paulo Bureau (originally posted APRIL 8 2009, UPDATED Aug. 26 2010, under subhead below "Brazil's Purgatory About to Begin")

Dear Henry,
After seeing that article with Hitler's police file, see how interesting this other police file is. Dilma Rousseff, the current government Chief of Staff of Lula, a ministerial position, has been chosen by the Worker's Party to follow the (now millionaire) former factory worker Lula to the Presidency. Lula is one of the most corrupt presidents in history and is a tool for the Marxists.

Rousseff's father was a Bulgarian Communist.

On top of the file shown above is : TERRORIST / BANK ROBBER
On bottom:    Profession: Unknown


-1967 - agent for the Worker's Politics Movement
-06/10/68 - robbery of Banespa bank, Iguatemi Street, $ 80,000
-12/10/68 - planned the murder of [American] Capt. Charles Chandler [accomplished in cold blood, in front of his house, his wife and child]
-11/12/68 - robbery of Gun Store Diana, Seminario Street, 48 guns [stolen]
-??/04/69 - National Liberation Command [another terrorist organization)
- 4/01/69 - Robbery of Quitauna Arms Depository - 63 FAU rifles, 3 INA guns, 4 munitions.
-18/07/69 - Robbery of the Governor Ademar de Barros' house [the money was never recovered]
-01/08/68 - Robbery of the Mercantil of Sao Paulo bank.
-??/09/69 - VAR Palmares [terrorist organization] Congress in Teresopolis.
-20/09/69 - Robbery of the Public Force Police Quarters in Barro Branco.

These people receive substantial allowances for life because they have been arrested. The family of people whom they have killed get nothing at all. She climbed to the top inside the government because she is a Communist.

Another important friend of Lula and a Party director, Jose Dirceu, was also a terrorist and was trained in Cuba [a traitor of Brazil, really]. Dirceu was the head of the worst corruption scheme in the history of Brazil and is still free and working as a "consultant" in the government. (eminence grise).

All the machine of the government has been put at Dilma's support. She goes to every inauguration of projects and is exalted by Lula.

This is the kind of people who are being used by the New World Order to enslave us. I leave a warning, especially for the American leftists who like Chavez and Castro: Obama, pal of William Ayers, is not far from these guys. Is this what is in store of the US?


(Left, Dilma, after the makeover)

The sad fact about the next election in Brazil is that it will not be decided based on principles or values. Nobody cares if Dilma Roussef murdered or robbed. It is just populism in the cruelest form. She is Lula's lady. Poor people have benefited a little from the end of inflation, and they forgot that this situation was inherited by Lula.

What is interesting is that the Worker's Party is neither Communist nor the helper of workers. IBGE, the main statistical institution in Brazil, has just released the information that illiteracy in Brazil increased during Lula's reign. Basic sanitation is in the same level as it was at the time of his coronation. 50,000 Brazilians die violent deaths, most caused by guns and drugs smuggled into the country by the FARC Marxist terrorists, allies of Lula. Who cares? I have a cell phone and tv set. The next World Cup will be in Rio.

On the other hand, the Federal Development Bank (BNDS) has received this year US$ 100 BI to lend to large corporations, in order to "buy" their good will towards the government during the election year. The capitalists get the money for 3,5% to 7%, while the government pays 10% to 12% for the banks. Itaú bank had the largest profit of any bank in the Americas, including the ones in the US.

Other acts of largesse of the government include the distribution of TV and radio licenses to capitalists and politicians, a TV network for the union leaders (who take one day of salary from the workers and can't be audited - Lula forbid it) and the definition of the targets of investment of the pension funds from state companies, in the order of hundreds of billions of dollars. They can make you or break you.


This is a fascist economy, in its purest definition. Mussolini would be proud.

It is hard for the common folk to understand how Communism has changed from a social utopia to this raw fascism. The reason is that they retain the old veneer in cultural causes, such as free abortion, gay marriage, globalism, ecological radicalism, etc. Just like in China, they tell you how to live your private life. Censorship or "media control" is in Dilma's agenda, as it is in full course in Argentina and Venezuela today. The fiscal privacy of Dilma's opponents has been broken with no consequences. Basic constitutional rights are worth nothing to the Worker's party, and they are challenging property rights. A bunch of communist peasants, all funded and led by professional agitators, will invade farms, kill people (as they do now) and the issue will be decided by popular acclamation, in a commune.

We are being prepared to be pawns of the world government.

I predict rough times ahead for Brazil. Dilma is incompetent and stubborn. Brazil's public debt has almost tripled and is about to explode, due to to the high interest rates. The boom in the exportation of minerals and agro-commodities that gave Lula's popularity such boost can end anytime, especially if a heavy crisis hits the dollar. The taxation level in Brazil is one of the highest in the world, at 40,5% and bureaucracy, with 85 different taxes in the last count, is astronomical. They won't be able to raise tax anymore to support the do-nothings employed in the government and the corruption.

When the government crashes, the social aids that supported Lula's popularity will be at risk. Without the booming exports, there will be fewer jobs, and it is possible that we see riots and protests. Things have always been too easy in this country, where food grows even in a crack in the sidewalk. Perhaps it is time for Brazilians to mature from suffering.

PS: Dilma is not Bulgarian, her father was. He fled his country because he was a communist activist. Surprisingly (?), in Brazil he was a capitalist and very rich. Dilma had a very bourgeois life, living in a large house and studying at private schools. It is always good to belong to the Communist elite.

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Kin said...

I'm brazilian, and I'm shocked!
It's real, unfortunately.

Vatic said...

I am soooo sorry that we had to bring you the bad news. Unfortunately the Zionists are making their way around the globe replacing every single leader with their own paid off and owned puppets. Brazil is now a growing economy so it was time for the international bankers to fix their glazed eye upon you guys.

What they do, is, help build up your economy through slave labor and then when you have reached the pinnacle and they have taken over all your industries through your stock market, taken over all your banks and government, then THEY WILL DO TO YOU WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO US.

If you do not want that to happen you better stop them now and do like Iceland and Argentina, and kick the IMF and private bankers out of your country. It won't help to nationalize your banks because look who would be in charge of them which is just like having private banks with them controlling your gov and still stealing the peoples wealth from them.

I hope you don't make the same mistake we made. Good luck. Keep a weary eye out and EDUCATE YOUR PEOPLE EARLY EARLY ON WHICH WE DID NOT DO.

Anonymous said...

As a Brazilian I must say that the above article is pretty sharp and reflects precisely the current(and most unfortunate)political situation in Brazil. The Lula(and now Dilma,his sucessor) government has been considered the most corrupt administration of the republican history of this country!

Marcello Soares
Sao Paulo/SP

Vatic said...

Thank you, Marcello, its good for us to get either confirmation or correction when we put something up that could be important. I am glad we got this one right and I am sorry you are going to go through what we did once the bankers fill your gov with their minions.

I would throw them out of your country before they even get a chance to do to you what they did to Iceland, Argentina and the US as well as Europe.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again and expecting different results. If the IMF and debt and fiat currency are imbedded in your system, then you belong to the international banking cartel run out of switzerland, which is the ROTHCHILDS. The IMF and World bank are controlled by them.

Then they use the Goldman Sachs criminals to run drugs, do money laundering, drug your children, and make robots out of them. If you can stop it now, you are ahead of all of us. Good luck, we are fighting like hell becuase we did not do it when we should have. KICK THEM ALL OUT OF YOUR COUNTRY AS THEY ARE YOUR ENEMY. Trust me, they hate the world except for their own. We are simply cattle to them.

Anonymous said...

As a brazilian I just want to remember that in the years of 68 ~ 69 Brazil lived a repressive military dictatorship. This criminal records just show us that Dilma was one of who fighted for freedom during this period.
I still don't like her, but the picture showed isn't an argument.
Jean Camargo - Brazil

Vatic said...

Anonymous, thank you for informing us about that. It makes perfect sense. In some ways then she was a hero. However, even heroes can be corrupted eventually. So I guess you will just have to wait and see.

Let us know how it goes so far?? OK?

Anonymous said...

Robbering banks and arms to kill innocent people does not necessarily make one a "hero"... Time will definitely show for those who still doubt it, the real face of Dilma Rousseff. How much this is going to cost us, Brazilian people,is another question though.

Roberto Santos
Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Vatic said...

You are right Roberto, I assumed from the posters comments that the money was to take down the dictatorship and no innocent people were killed, but again, I do not know the specifics or the history and I should have said so. Me bad.

At least everyone is warned now, and can handle this differently than otherwise would have been the case. Keep a clear eye and don't do what we have done and wait to long to take those bankers out and those they finance to bring down your nation. They will steal all the wealth you will accumulate. Mislead you, make you feel like you are advancing as a nation economically, when really all they are doing is setting you up like they did us.

We are ironically, not a violent people when it comes to our gov and we should be so they would be afraid to do what they have done. Instead they think we are stupid and they are not afraid of us. MAKE THEM AFRAID OF YOU GUYS and that might just work.

Anonymous said...

I'm Brazilian, and I'm also very schocked. After so many years we lived im Democratic sistem and we could have peace and liberty. But, since Lula is the president of Brasil we are one of the more corrupt countries of the world. But, this women Dilma is not different.
You said what I think also, "WE MUST MAKE THEM BE AFRAID" because for me, they are really psicopats. So, we create one group of Democratic people to react against them, and we try to convense the people to not vote in Dilma but most of them are manipulated. We will do everything to avoid de Dictatorial Marxist sistem in our country. Could you please give me advices to help us? In which country you live?
Thank you very much for you attention.

Anonymous said...

I´m brasilian and agree that we´ve been governed by gangsters, and it´s about to getting worse with DIlma. Couldn´t you please send this excellent article to any newspaper in Brasil, like "O ESTADO DE SAO PAULO", that´s been censored by LULA since last year?
Monica Guglielmi
Sao Paulo - Brasil

Mariana Gaddi said...

I can`t believe some Brazilians are shocked with that. Nothing or nobody who comes from Lula can be any good. Also, I truly can`t believe there are people who consider her a hero for being a punk during dictatorship. The problem in Brazil is that people believe everything they hear. If I go on tv and tell people they should vote on me because I was a leader during dictatorship, they will see me as a hero, without questioning. It`s time for Brazilians to start researching about the people they put in the Government instead of just voting for anyone that seems nice and caring (which are adjectives I would`t use for Dilma eithter, but oh well...)

Vatic said...

Thanks, Mariana, and it seems your assessment is similar to that of the majority that has responded to this article, so I am going to stay with being happy I put it up there.

It appears the only way out for any of us is to fully not cooperate but its hard if you don't get a majority of your population to go along with it... they can't see the manipulation that many of us can see. Is your problem there strickly with bankers or do you have other factions that are creating the problems???

For us, we are simply occupied by another foreign nation and our people do not know it yet. They are waking up, but its a slow long process. Once they do, then I feel sorry for the bad guys since there will be no where to hide, except maybe underground after all. lol

Vatic said...

Hi, Luana, yes, there are things you can do. Start with your local community and copy this blog onto a paper and run copies of them and hand them out all over town. Then if you know someone elsewhere in Brazil, have them do the same thing. This shows their record and any other evidence you may have of corruption, spread it around. Most dictatorships you have to have an underground paper that they cannot stop.

The idea that must be pushed always is educating people to what the "truth" is. Once they know the truth and it spreads then it changes things. We have actually stopped stuff here by educating and thus the bad guys could not get away with anything.

Anonymous said...

It is not true that Dilma and her comrades were fighting for freedom during the dictatorship in the years of 68-70, instead they were fighting for another kind of dictatorship, namely, a communist one.

Ricardo said...

Good day for all. Where do you leave? Where did you come from? You didn't come Brazil from. If you had came from Brazil you'd know that the all information about Dilma Roussef are not true. Mr Lula changed the brazilian economic politic gave previously. Mr Cardoso broken the Brazil's economy by three time before. Mr Cardoso borrowed around 200 Billion dollars from MIF for to pay the external debt and gave the economy so bad. Mr Lula fixed all accounts and took millions of Brazilians out of poverty. This is the main reason for accepting them. In the next time when do you talk about Brazil, please read more information about us.

Anonymous said...

Here in Brazil, everything like a party, we are idiots to alow this situation.....There situation bad than this, but nobody do nothing....there just some good guys trying to help......If do you have a money, do you have a power, everyone there your price....everyone..

Vatic said...

Anonymous, regarding your comment about a "party". Well, that is a lesson your countrymen can learn from the USA. We partied too, and then when things were the very best, they stole it all BECAUSE THEY CONTROLLED IT ALL.

If your countrymen really want long term sustainable wealth they have to absolutely get off the fiat currency and credit system. The international robber barons control it and will crash it when they decide to steal it all from you like they did to us and destroyed our nation.

If we recover it will only be because we refuse to cooperate with the entire system anymore and will rebuild on our own without them. We will not use nor participate in their system... If you do that now, you will save yourselves a lot of heartache. TELL YOUR PEOPLE TO KICK THEM OUT LIKE ARGENTINA DID AND ICELAND AND TAKE CONTROL THROUGH TRUSTED LEADERS. Send your president packing with the bankers.

Anonymous said...

Despite all the bad news about my country, I would like to know why only the negative aspects have been highlighted. I am Brazilian and I have known the reality of my country's economy and its development over the years. Brazil has been changing and all the old problems cannot be resolved immediately. The fact is that Lula has inherited a country filled with corruption and now it has been appearing due to the intense Brazilian federal police effort to fight corruption which has not been a recent phenomenon in my country unfortunately. So, I think this report is biased though.

Sergio Machado said...

As you wrote above (FASCISM): "Things have always been too easy in this country, where food grows even in a crack in the sidewalk".
Brazil just grows because politicians sleep at night. They were elected to devote themselves to the nation and not for their own interests, or for their political parties. The government is replaced but the intentions are always the same: power and money.

Vatic said...

Anonymous, speaking in favor of the current leadership. You may be right in your assessment, but out of 18 comments here, taking away my own, it appears most do not see it that way.

Do us a favor, since the idea of this blog is the search for truth, you take the points in the article and show us how they are not true and give us some evidence of that fact. Also, you are doing better because they allowed the bankers in to put your nation in debt as well as your industries and your people.

Once they did that to us, then got us hooked by debt they are now in the process of destroying us with that power they hold over us. so I would not be too sure that what they are doing is really, in the end, good for your country. We thought the same thing and look at what is happening to us by those very same people. Be careful what you ask for, you might not like it when you get it. But we are holding an open mind, so please counter those points above for us so we can change our opinion. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I ask myself how could we change that?!?

Anonymous said...

I ask myself how could we change that? I mean, how could we change the way most of people see Lula and all of this. How could they see this truth.

Vatic said...

Sergio, that ability to grow food is the foundation for a wealthy potentialed society. So, if you keep the bankers out of the country, control your own currency backed by gold, you will retain your wealth.

Anyother system of currency will simply put that wealth you earn into the pockets of the bankers so study up on that since half the globe right now is controlled by the zionist international bankers and growing. We are too late, the only way the USA will ever come out of this now, is through massive violence and war against those bankers and no one else.

But you have a chance like ARgentina did and Iceland to kick them out early before they can rob you blind. I highly recommend you do that and educate others as to the giant bankers scam they do in every nation.

Vatic said...

To change how people see things, you have to first get them to "want" to see the "Truth" no matter where it leads. "What is the truth" and then look for it. Without truth and what is real, you can't ever solve it til its too late and the international players who are puppet masters behind the curtain are very good at hiding truth. The first question you ask is "What is backing our currency?" Is it gold or simply the credit and good name of the country? That is the very first thing you need to ask them. Here is a start on reading about your currency since it drives everything. <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_real</a>

The saying is, "the Lie is the friend of the state and the truth is the enemy of the lie, therefore the truth is the enemy of the state." If you keep that in mind always, then soon you can tell when you are being lied to and snowed.

Some people do not want to know the truth because that means they have to do something about it. Start by doing what we are doing. Set up a blog, do research into how your banking system and currency works. Then match it against what htey did to the US. Then you tell people "do we want to be like the US that is being destroyed"?

If they say no, then you tell them we have to kick the bankers out and each passes on to the other and so forth until you have millions ready to get rid of the bankers and send them out of the country on a rail. You are lucky, we didn't hear about all this when they started with us, but now its too late.

You are early on and can stop it now if you all get together and tell your president to kick the bankers out of the country or else you will do a national work stoppage. That should help get him motivated. There is more, but this a beginning, begin the education. We have it all right on this site. first go watch the 6 videos on becoming a global slave. Then share that around to everyone you know.

Vatic said...

I forgot to mention as you journey through this if you are serious you are welcome to email us at the email address on this blog above and to the right. We will try to help you as you learn things and answer questions to guide you along. Its the least we can do for each other. Once we are done with that and you see the real truth, then we can help you plan for further work to solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am Brazilian! Really, what is happening here in Brazil is ridiculous. The populace is too stupid! They do not remember the past! This woman, Dilma, she was never a candidate for anything! She was never a mayor! She was never a senator! She was never a governor! And now she wants to be president, it seems, unfortunately will win. I know we all Brazilians will have consequences sooner or later because of this shit!
Excuse my foul words, but I agree with you!

Vatic said...

Hello, Anonymous, Thanks for confirming what most on here have to say. I do want to suggest you begin your journey early that we went through by first finding out if the IMF and world bank are currently in your country. then find out how much debt does your governement have built up by now. Those facts give us a foundation on which to build.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with your opinion... Brazilian people are not stupid!!!, or, why are they stupid? wow, because they strongly disagree with you... to be honest (52%)... Otherwise don't we have gangster on everywhere??? Mainly in a rich country like yours???
Just think that we were the largest borrower from the world bank, nowadays we deserve and many people left the poverty line. Something not seen in this country has 35 long years...

Vatic said...

Anonymous, I am truly sorry if you read my comments as me believing that the Brazilian people are truly stupid. I do not have that opinion and I would never say such a thing since I don't believe such a thing.

You are right about our country and the gangsters we fight here all the time. It gets harder every day. The good new is our people are waking up slowly but surely and that will result in change I hope.

If you were the largest borrower of the bank than they will make you rich LIKE THEY DID US AND THEN TAKE IT ALL AWAY FROM YOU LIKE THEY DID US. The parallels are something to learn from, and not be mad at me for telling you the truth.

I am genuinely sorry if you take what I say personally. I am just trying to help other countries not go through what we went through. If you have good leaders and they control your countries currency and credit, then the state can print the money without ever paying any interest on it which is what broke our backs and made Rothschilds and the international bankers trillionaires.

You are walking down our path, so be careful where you step and who is leading you down it. watch out for those bankers.

Rodrigo Ebert said...

Thanks for the heads up, Vatic! But it´s too late now! "It is just populism in the cruelest form." just like you said... and we´re going to suffer... sooner or later! And when the shit hits the fan... the Brazilian Soccer team will probably win another world cup and it´ll be carnival again... and everything´s gonna be alright! So they think...

Anonymous said...

I've been yelling all this for years now. You said it sharply, Vatic. It seems you are here - living the thing. But there is more, much more. What we've seen up to now is just the tip of the iceberg - the red people are just "readying" things first. The bad part of it all will happen from now on. Everything boils down to one thing: their relentless pursuit of a supposed "better world" that even they don't know exactly how it is - under the marxist ideology, of course. And I can make a vaticination here: never they were so close to make it like now - we're in the verge of socialism here. Of all south american countries, only Colombia and Chile have resisted to fall prey from the socialist "red wave" that sweeps the region. I'm writing this on the eve of election day and although I plump for a Democrat win tomorrow, I have to consider that if it won't, next Monday will be the darkest dawn we will experience for a long time...

From a brazilian citizen that knows a thing or two.

Anonymous said...

In the 60s Military Opress the Comunism! Thanks GOD! Back then I was very young and I felt free and safe in my country.

Dilma fouhgt for who,,, CERTAINGLY NOT FOR ME!

She and her gang fought for what they believe was right. As far as I am concern all of them could have been involved with KJB to spread Comunism down here.

Now with all these LEFTIES in charge, I pay a lot of taxes and that makes me a slave of this stupid government, and worst of all I get nothing in return. Every thing is sooo expensive down here because 70% of the price I pay for any good goes to the government.
I fear been robbed and I have to move to a close condominium which costs to pay for security.

All politcal parties are LEFTIES, we have no true Right or Center opposition. People get ellected buying votes offering social benefits for lazy people who does not want to work and get every thing for free, even though the services and benefit are lousy.



Café, Torrado & Moído said...

This is the most stupid thing I ever read during all my life, this is absolutely NOT TRUE, what fck r you thinking when you write something stupid like this? Do you know the internal situation of Brazil? Do you know how it was before Lula? Do you know how each poor Brazilian citizen improved his life after Lula? Do you know anything about Brazil at all?

Anonymous said...


I think that the most of the people here study in good private schools, make english courses, maybe make trips abroad.. Whatever.. I think people here doesn't have a great benefit in this government, because they don't be poor.. So, why the major of discusses here are against Lula's government.

I saw several opportunities of studying in universities open, oppotunities of job, increase of salary and the bad side the corruption too, but i think that's an inherit. Why do we accuse this last government? If we know that's it happenend before. The problem is the brazilian way and nobody changes it, unfortunately.

I am not Dilma's enthusiastic, i don't like her.., she doesn't inspire me confidence, she is not prepared (and i don't know if one day she will).. But i don't like Serra too, he is a politician that cares about the private side.. This Party have a historic of privatizations that i have fear.. If he privatizate the universities i think that is not salvation for education. Nobody will can pay for this...

Resuming: we are fucked! (Sorry)

Talita - Brazil

Anonymous said...

PS: in the text there is a wrong information (the unique that i checked), the illiteracy decreases!!! IBGE informed that in the 2000, it was 13.6% and in the 2009 (recent information) it was 9.7%!!! It is a little decrease, but it is a decrease, not a increase! Certainly, it's a biased text!
I want to ask too.., who did write this text? I received from a e-mail and it said that it's from Canada... I can't find the source...

Talita - Brazil

Fábio Porto said...

Are you the author of the text "BRAZIL'S PURGATORY ABOUT TO BEGIN"? 'Cause if you are I think you should be informed that your piece of writting is being passed on by e-mail to millions of people, as if it were an article from the Canadian Press. Are you a Journalist? Are you even Canadian? By the way, I'm not sure I agree with everything you say, but I sure agree with most of it. The problem is, like Talita said before me, our "second option" is not a good option at all! The way I see this, we are standing on a crossroad, and the only options available will lead us to a catastrophe. It's just a matter of time. In the end, Talita was right when she said we are all screwed.

Anonymous said...


You are blind or a PT party activist.

Go leave abroad in the US, Canada, or any descent country for a while.

Then ask your self how this country with so much less resources can provide their people with so much quality of life.

Your LULA is disgrace, FHC is a disgrace, Serra is a Disgrace, we have no one worth a dime here. For the resources we have we are plain stupid country and people.

We accept whatever and we deserve to pay the highest taxes, the highest interest, the highest prices and in return we get the worst judicial system, the worst police, the weakest military, the worst teachers, the worse wages, the worst goods, the worst quality of life compared to any country 100 times less rich then Brazil.

What do you know about citizenship? I am afraid you like most Brazilians do not have clue what that means.


Vatic said...

Fabio Porto, No I didn't write the article, it was actually written by an international wire service called Reuters and they have reporters in Brazil and compared to AP or UP wire service, they are pretty good usually. They are not canadian, they operate out of Europe, either Britian or Germany. I don't remember which.

AS for Cafe,, I understand what your saying and I have to be honest with you. I do not have answers except I have published on here 2 of three recommendations for the "people" themselves to take control of their own lives in brazil by forming cooperatives which means businesses owned by the employees and also cooperatives for just about anything you want to take control of for yourselves, your community and your family. WE ARE NOT AS HELPLESS AS THEY HAVE LED US TO BELIEVE.

I believe you that you are better off under the last president than under the previous one. But that is how they get your trust LIKE THEY DID TO US. We were fooled into working hard all these years while they waited until we all had accumulated wealth, possessions, homes and a better life, and THEN THE HAMMER CAME DOWN AND YOU KNOW WE ARE BEING DESTROYED BY THESE BANKERS.

So what good is any of it, if you are simply working as a slave that they will later take away from you all that you earned. You are lucky, you can stop it now. Ask ARgentina what happened to them. The bankers, and the IMF and Goldman Sachs. It was so bad they almost had a revolution and the middle class that you are saying is now being built, was destroyed in argentina and the wealth taken by the ROTHSCHILD INTERNATIONAL BANKERS.

The argentinians marched and protested and got the IMF and goldman sachs kicked out of the national bank and out of the country. ROTHSCHILD OWNS THE BANK OF BRAZIL AND THAT IS HOW THEY WILL HARM YOU BADLY LIKE THEY DID US.

I am simply trying to warn you that in this election MAKE THE CANDIDATES PROMISE TO NATIONALIZE YOUR BANK SO THE PEOPLE THROUGH THEIR ELECTED REPS CONTROL IT and you can keep that wealth you are so proud of accumulating. That is all I am trying to do. Warn you not to make the same mistakes we made.

Anonymous said...

I'm Brazilian and certainly it is always hard to read "foreigners" talk trash about your country, right or wrong. Anyhow, everyone has the right for their ow opinion, although, I must say that BRAZILIANS have been living and maturing through suffering for quite a while now, and I can tell you that things have never been easy such as mentioned in your article.

Do not think by any means that our people will let anything go by. Let's look back at our history and see what we have been through and how we've survived (e.g. late 60's and early 90's

Vatic said...

Thanks, Anonymouos, I agree that most countries in South America have had to suffer greatly at the hands of international corporations and banks, trying to extract your natural resources from your nation, and that is why I recommended that during the run off campaign to get a promise from the candidates to nationalize your bank and any corporations that do not serve the interests of the Brazilian people or you will eventually end up like us.

They took from us so down the line they can take from you and its a back door way to slavery. The way everyone here is handling it is by not filing or paying their taxes. its the only form of protest we have.

Iceland is prosecuting their prime minister for his part in their banking collapse and that is what we should have done, but the BANKS AND THE CORPS THEY NOW OWN HAVE THE POWER AND CONTROL OVER OUR COURTS, JUSTICE SYSTEM AND CONGRESS ALONG WITH THE WHITE HOUSE. So you see, ELECTIONS DO MATTER. Get that commitment from both candidates and hold them to it. If they are not bought off they will stand for you against the internationalists.

Anonymous said...


for more information on Brazil's run for communism, see www.olavodecarvalho.org. See also news on Foro de São Paulo. I'm brazilian as well and can say that the article is right. The PT (worker's labour) is bunch of lunatics...dangerous one.

CQuandt said...

Dilma Rousseff is not the ideal candidate, but that's beside the point. You are recklessly spreading misleading information. Ignorance plus bigotry is a very dangerous combination. Your statement that such crappy text "was actually written by an international wire service called Reuters" is not true. It is a product of a deranged guy called Henry Makow, who writes about Satanic possession, Zionist domination, persecution of heterosexuals and similar conspiracy-type hodgepodge.
The only truth in all this: you can write any crap you want, put it on the Net, and gullible people will spread it as if it were worth reading.

Anonymous said...

Vatic, As you are worried about copyright and in order to give more value to your post, why you do not indicate the address of its source?
like this .... http://www.reuters.com/..........
Come on, do it!
Luiz Alves, São Paulo
I will vote to Serra! The best now!

Vatic said...

CQuandt, at the top of the article in the very beginning, the originator of the article is listed. In this case it was indeed, Reuters and thus a respected and unbiased source.

Look I have made no opinion about your elections, but what I have tried to do is warn you that no matter who is elected, before the elections get a commitment to nationalize your banks otherwise you will be having riots in the streets and your wealth stolen just like all these countries that are rioting and demonstrating and doing work shut downs.

You can avoid what we in the US has been going through because WE WOULD NOT LISTEN WHEN WE WERE WARNED. We pooh poohed the information and now we are sorry. We are simply trying to help you prevent it from happening in your country. If you get the elected officials to agree to nationalize your bank and take control of your currency and do not borrow from private bankers, you will not have to pay interest and that will save your wealth and your nation.

That is all we are saying. As for lies, the record above is not forged or bogus and can be verified independantly. Its real and its her.

Vatic said...

Anonymous, thanks for the suggestion, but I do not have the link to reuters and they don't keep the stories up after a while they archive them. So, its referenced in the top, but Makow is gaining more and more respect because its coming out in the open that he has been right just about everything. Its the zionist bankers who destroy whole countries and he was right about that.

Our White house right now is filled with dual Israeli citizens that could care less about America except in how they can use her for their own agenda. After all, they did 9-11, not the muslims.

Before you vote for either candidate call their campaign office and ask if he will nationalize the private bankers out of your country. Its critical. Its possible like us both candidates are funded and owned by the bankers. It happened to us with Obama and McCain. So make sure you get a commitment from him to kick international bankers out of the country, PRINT YOUR OWN CURRENCY BACKED BY REAL VALUE AND HAVE A PUBLIC OWNED BANK THAT LENDS CREDIT THAT CAN BE REPAID BY YOUR TAXES, WITH NONE OF IT GOING TO INTEREST PAYMENTS, ONLY PRINICPLE REDUCTION PAYMENTS. THAT IS WHAT IS CRITICAL TO ENSURE at this point.

He may be as corrupt as the other one, but if you can get one of them to nationalize your bank, take control of your currency, then you have a chance at a long sustaining wealthy period in your countries life. That is what everyone needs to call the candidate and aske him or her.

Heloisa said...

Dear Vatic, I'm Brazilian and your comments are completely pertinent. Unfortunately, there is a great part of Brazilian whose lack of instruction is very well used by those who arrive to several levels of government. Dilma Roussef was not a hero, she, and other terrorists, tryed to install comunism in Brazil, financed by URSS and Cuba. Some of them (like Jose Dirceu) had even got training and a plastic surgery in Cuba to be able to return to the country with a new identity... Lula was never a great governor, he only kept policies that had been started by the previous president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso. In fact, he and his Worker's Party had been AGAINST all these policies by the time Cardozo was president. We just hope this nightmare called Dilma can never reach Presidency. Jose Serra is the best and most qualified candidate.

mitão said...

Alot of misinformation and fear mongering.

There is no proof that candidate Dilma participated in any assassination attempt.