UPDATE: Goldman Sachs Reveals it Shorted Gulf of Mexico

Vatic Note:   We do remember the last time shorting occurred in the markets don't we???  Last false flag on 9-11.  Coincidence?  Very low odds of such a coincidence.  Its almost become an indicator.

Goldman Sachs Reveals it Shorted Gulf of Mexico

by Andy Borowitz, provided to Vatic by Graham Junks
April 30, 2010

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) - In what is looming as another public relations predicament for Goldman Sachs, the banking giant admitted today that it made "a substantial financial bet against the Gulf of Mexico" one day before the sinking of an oil rig in that body of water.

The new revelations came to light after government investigators turned up new emails from Goldman employee Fabrice "Fabulous Fab" Tourre in which he bragged to a girlfriend that the firm was taking a "big short" position on the Gulf.

"One oil rig goes down and we're going to be rolling in dough," Mr. Tourre wrote in one email. "Suck it, fishies and birdies!"

The news about Goldman's bet against the Gulf comes on the heels of embarrassing revelations that the firm had taken a short position on Lindsay Lohan's acting career. More here.

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Anonymous said...

This show that the USA is at it again.
These very sick men.

Mr. Cheney: You need to be arrested as you and your pals at Goldman Sachs are destroying the world.


How much more can we take?

Not much, I would say we are at the tipping point

Vatic said...

I would say your right, there is another bigger more info blog coming out on this one at 5 pm today, so watch for it.

Its got even more info in it than this one did. Its really getting bad, and this time, guess who bought a firefighting company April 12, 2010???

Halliburton. How about that. will dig up the link later for ya.

Un po' di verità su economia e finanza... said...

But Borowitz is a satyrical writer, don't you know?

Vatic said...

Yes, but reading the entire article he shows that its true. Plus other publications have now confirmed it, and remember Halliburton purchased an oil fire fighting company on April 12, 2010.

Google search

Halliburton buys Oil Fire Fighting company on April 12th for $240 ...
4 posts - 3 authors - Last post: 3 days ago
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2010/04/30/financi... Halliburton buys Oil Fire Fighting company on April 12th for $240 ...

Halliburton purchases fire fighting co. April 12

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