German Government Joins Iceland & Greece & goes after the Banksters

German Government Joins Iceland & Greece & goes after the Banksters
Global Insurrection against Banksters



It appears that the German Government has just plain had enough of the crap that the banksters have tried to pull, and has decided to do what Barack Obama should have done in early 2009.

That is:

No more naked credit crap, especially against sovereigns but not only against sovereigns. No insurable interest, no CDS period.

Naked shorting will now be actually stopped in 10 leading financial institutions.

Germany has had it with naked shorting of Gold, and specifically noted bank manipulation of gold prices via naked shorts beyond intent or ability to deliver.

Germany has also said that theyre not going to permit Euro derivatives that are not a bonafide FX hedge. That is, no more naked bets on Euro movements either.

Hedge funds are going to be regulated, position size limits mandated and enforced, reporting enhanced and a transaction tax is coming.

The German Government Has Had Enough

Despite the rule, some market participants believe its effects will be insignificant given the low volumes of CDSs traded in Germany. In Germany, CDS trading activity is very limited. Yes, there are consumers and purchasers of protection, but most sophisticated players have foreign subsidiaries and branches in London. So the decree is meaningless, says one derivatives lawyer based in Frankfurt.

(VN:  Please check all these out and get the big picture)


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Anonymous said...

As bad as all this is, the truth of the evil behind what we see publicly reported is far worse. The players in this game to collapse the world's economies are economic terrorists all, but now they are turning on each other like rats in a sack. This is not a good thing because those who suffer the collateral damage will be all of us, who can't possibly withstand the devastation. They have turned their backs on God. And it is to God that we must now turn for He is the only one who understands all that has happened. His love for His children is as enormous as the universe, and as infinite and His rule of that universe will not be repudiated.

Vatic said...

I agree, and given what I get to see that I don't even put up because of a lack of time, I also agree this has definitely moved onto a different plane of battle, which is as much spiritual now as it is physical.

Today is Sunday and I just got back from church and I can see the elevation even there of the whole paradigm shift. Its definitely moving and dragging us with it into a place that we or the world has no experience with and thus "learning, experimenting, and creativity" and massive amounts of prayer are going to be the new tools and solutions will arrive from those.

Ironically, my church today used songs to tell us about "truth" and how important it is now, and the messages were also about "being like little children in our integrity and truthfulness". It was an amazing day at church today and I am renewed.