Vatic Note:  Gosh, does that mean Russia cares more for the health and safety of their people than our Government does about our people?  We have to address our entire food system again.  At one time we were very good about the safety of our food but since the advent of Corporate Farming, its gone down hill as has the processing of that food by the corporations that convert it into storable products, like canned vegetables and fruits.  Combine that with our Killer drug companies and its a miracle most of us are still alive even if not very healthy.


By:  Natural News on line,   contributed by Gypsy,  Australia
Date:   03/16/2010

NaturalNews) Beginning on January 1, 2010, Russia has officially

banned imported poultry products from countries that use chlorine in
their processing methods. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
announced that Russia will no longer allow chicken imports from the
U.S. because the chlorine baths used to sanitize chickens do not meet
Russian food safety standards.

Since it comes from Russia, many may dismiss the ban as being
politically charged with no scientific validity. However many nations
around the world, including all within the European Union, have banned
poultry imports from chlorine-using countries because of the dangers
posed by the chemical. These countries use different methods to
disinfect meat, including air chilling and electrolyzed water
treatments, which do not expose the meat to harmful chemicals.

Putin expressed that Russia is working to become poultry
self-sufficient by the year 2015 but, until then, will import only
from nations that do not use chlorine in meat processing. Each year,
the import quota will be dropped until, eventually, all chicken will
be domestically raised in Russia.

When the issue first surfaced back in 2008, the U.S. Poultry & Egg
Export Council tried to persuade Russia that the chlorine treatment
methods used on chicken are both safe and effective. According to the
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the hypochlorus chemical used,
which is an active form of chlorine, is an effective antimicrobial.

Rather than reconsider the safety of its own treatment methods, U.S.
regulators tried to use rhetoric to convince Russia to accept U.S.
imports and failed miserably. Russia refused to hear any of it, ending
$825 million worth of U.S. chicken imports into its country.

The truth about chlorine chicken baths is that not only are they not
truly effective but they expose people to a steady stream of toxic
chlorine every time they consume chicken. Chlorine is known to
increase cancer risk and cause other serious problems including
respiratory illness and heart disease. Like other environmental
halogens, chlorine contributes to thyroid dysfunction as well.

The levels of chlorine used in chicken baths, which average somewhere
between 20 and 50 parts per million (ppm), do not always kill all the
pathogens present. According to a European Consumers' Organization
study conducted in 2007, 83 percent of U.S. chicken that had been
treated in chlorine baths still contained harmful pathogens. The bath
essentially becomes a pathogen cesspool that contaminates all the
other chickens that are submerged in it.

It is no wonder that Russia, the E.U., and a growing list of nations
around the world are refusing chlorinated U.S. chicken.

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Alpár said...

Good. Just about an hour ago my mother went to the nearby shopping mall to buy us some food for a few days, he wanted 2 buy some chicken-breast for 2morrows lunch, and she eventually didnt buy any, saying it was 2 big. I supose she did remember when i told her about the way chickens are raised , as it's show in Phase 3. And in the same store i've had trouble buying gammon atleast 5 times simply cuz it was allready rotting, had greyish colour , and smelled awfull, and the chick even had the guts to tell me "but it's good". Now the last time i went in they refused (!) to let me smell on the gammon, and guess what , i blindly bought some, and when i got home it was rotten, smelled awfull, and we had 2 throw it away. You reaaaly gota be carefull what u eat and what you buy, rather buy from small, insignificant producers, that sell quality food, then from bigass stores that have everything packed in plastic. Buying food has become lately the bigest issue i face every 2 day when i go out to buy some for ourselfs. I'm getting so fed up whit it, and when u voice your oppinion , they all look at you like you're a fuckin' loonatic. *yuck!*

Vatic said...

What you do when you get one home and its rotten, you take it back and tell them you want your money back. If they refuse, you tell them that is "stealing" to take your money and not give you what you asked for in return.

That then is reportable as a crime to the police. Watch how fast they give you a good chicken that isn't rotted. Let them look at you like your a loonie,,,, become the loonie and tell them if they don't begin to wake up their loonies will rise out of them as well. Tell them you didn't wake up fast enought and that is you became a looney.

You became better once you woke up. LOL See what they do. I do that here sometimes. lol

Boldarn said...

The reason food stores everywhere are getting away with selling rotten and poisoned 'food'is because people don't object and blindly consume everything put in front of them . The stores spray everything ( including fresh fruit & veg)with pesticides . People then pay money to take home 'legal poison ' disguised as food ! Then they wonder why they get cancer and fat and give their spare cash to fund raising organizations to offer them a cure in the future ! That's our modern 'civilization'! Look further than that : our water , air and sol is also contaminated and radio waves effect our brains ! I live with severe MCS and have to wear a gas mask to go anywhere ! I tell ya , that spins people out and I get a lot of humiliating discrimination .So I give people flyers and tell them that this can happen to them and their loved ones . I grow my own food (mostly) and stay out of society as much as possible . They call me a loony too , I tell them : The joke's on you if you feed the root of evil (Monsanto etc , etc ).