Who are our real Enemies? An Iraq War Vet Asks the question

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Title:  Who Are our Real Enemies: An Iraq War Vet Asks the Question
By:    Mike Prysner

I tried hard to be proud of my service but all I can feel is shame.

The racism could no longer mask the reality of the occupation these were people, these were human beings.  I have since been plagued by guilt anytime I'd see an elderly man, like the one who couldn't walk we rolled
onto a stretcher, and told the Iraqi police to take him away.

I feel guilt everytime I see a mother with her children like the one who cried hysterically and screamed that we were worst than Saddam, as we forced her from her home.

I feel guilt anytime I see a young girl, like the one I grabbed by the arm, and dragged into the street.

We were told we were fighting terrorists;  the real terrorist was me and the real terrorism is in this occupation.

Racism within the military has long been an important tool to justify the destruction and occupation of another country.  It's long been used to justify the killing, subjugation and torture of another people.

Racism is a vital weapon employed by this government.  Its more important than a rifle, a tank, a bomber, or a battleship.  It's more destructive than an artillery shell or a bunker buster, or a Tomahawk Missile.

While all those weapons are created and owned by this government, they are harmless without people willing to use them.

Those who send us to war do not have to pull a trigger, or lob a mortal round. They don't have to fight the war, they merely have to sell the war. They need a public who are willing to send their soldiers into harms way. They need soldiers who are willing to kill and be killed without question.

They can spend millions on a single bomb, but that bomb only becomes a weapon, when the ranks of the military are willing to follow orders to use it.

They can send every last soldier anywhere on earth, but there'll only be a war, if soldiers are willing to fight.

And the ruling class, the billionaires who profit from human suffering care only about expending their wealth & controlling the world economy.  Understand that their power lies only in their ability to convince us that war, oppression and exploitation is in our interest.

They understand that their wealth is dependent on their ability to convince the working class to die to control the market of another country. And, convincing us to kill and die is based on their ability to make us think that we are somehow superior.

Soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, have nothing to gain from this occupation.  The vast majority of people living in the U.S. have nothing to gain from this occupation.  In fact, not only do we have nothing to gain,
but we suffer more because of it. We lose limbs, and endure trauma and give our lives. Our families have to watch flag draped coffins lowered into the earth.

Millions in this country without health care, jobs or access to education, must watch this government squander over a $ 450 million a day on this occupation.

Poor and working people in this country are sent to kill poor and working people in other country to make the rich richer.   And without racism soldiers realize that we have more common with the Iraq people than we have with the billioners who send us to war.

I threw families onto the street in Iraq, only to come home and find families thrown onto the street in this country from this tragic, tragic, unnecessary foreclosure crisis.

We need to wake up and realize that our real enemies are NOT in some distant land, the people whose names we don't know and cultures we don't understand. 

The enemy is people we know very well and people we can identify. The real enemy is a system that wages war when it's profitable.  The enemy is the CEO's who lay us off our jobs when it's profitable, the Insurance Companies who deny us Health care when it's profitable,  the Banks who take away our homes when it's profitable.

Our enemies are not five thousands miles away,  they are right here at home,  but if we organize and fight with our sisters and brothers, we can stop this war, we can stop this government and we can create a better world."

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Pakalert Press said...

Good site!

Vatic said...

Thank you, Pak Alert for that comment. I can only aspire to achieve the outstanding work you do on your news alerts, and I have included your link on this blog to encourage others to visit.

It has certainly opened my eyes. Its why we need to "know" each other and to see us as alike in so many humanity ways. We all love our families and want the best and to live in peace and live our lives with joy and interest. So help me to build this movement together.

I would like to put you on the people to people list so please email me your email and I will include you in our work on that initiative so you can help us do this important work. Thanks

boldarn said...

As more lies are exposed every day and people everywhere are hurting , People Power is THE ONLY WAY to PEACE & FREEDOM :
by Boldarn , May 2008
For the past 15 years the population
Has been overrun with legislation
Now we have mass brain sedation
By mandatory fluoridation
What’s your next step in your plan for mankind
What else do you give us you don’t want us to find
In your disguised , gradual genocide
It is time to stand up as a people unite
To support life and claim our birthright
We must question ALL products on offer to us
Grow food in our soil, not kill the grass
Feed real food to our children instead of plastic
Not let legal toxins turn our bodies to acid
The earths future has a right to be
Self sustainable, pure and free
Its our responsibility to discern and sustain
So souls can learn in bodies tomorrow again
We can’t have a functional society
Without high levels of courtesy
We must abide by universal law
All other laws will lead to war
Accountable we’ll be held at the end of the day
For the flowers we wilted for pleasure and play
It’s time to turn our planet into a garden
To refuse Big Brother as our prison warden
Self empowerment through substance for every man
So mankind can rise to peace and freedom again
To raise our collective consciousness
It’s our eternal inheritance
For what it’s worth
As we all walk this earth
And that really does mean us all
The answer is clear on this fundamental decision
If we want a planet we must all listen
The voice of our mother screams beneath our feet
No longer can we afford to support Multi National Greed
We don’t have the right to poison the planet
In the name of progress and material asset
Or not one can live here any more
Our children’s screams silenced by Big Brothers war
Refuse to accept a destructive society
And demand freedom with equal responsibility !
This is a possible goal and we must do what has to be done !

By Nelson Mandela

michael cook said...

Your fellow man is your real enemy.As you request factually documented comments in YOUR trying to control MY free speech with your numerous caveats, which makes a mockery of what you are trying to achieve. Here is a quote from a well documented source, the bible. King Solomon summed up mans problems like this in Ecc. 8v9 "Man has dominated man to his injury." There is NO RACISM IN THAT STATEMENT, he lays the blame to where it rightfully belongs, upon you and me and everyone else.You sir are dealing with the politics of it all, you analyse the problems in Iraq with so many different govermental involvements, the money men and their greedy objectives in using the military to achieve their objectives, and so on. How do we analyse the Jew - Arab dilemma? or N. Korea, or Pakistan, or the global financial crisis? or Nuclear proliferation, or the thousands of problems that confront the USA alone, never mind every other countries immense political problems.It is MAN WHO IS THE PROBLEM, not American, British, Arab,or Jew, or, or. They are only names which are descriptive of the treachery of ALL men. Race, creed, colour,religion, culture, are just fronts to mask and to lay the blame as is convenient for those who look for the typical scapegoat.Who would you blame when Babylon was pillaging and raping all before it, what about Rome, or Greece, or Persia, etc, etc.The Rothschilds were not there then! There have ALWAYS been men in every race who have sought to dominate their fellow man through whatever means were at their disposal, if you lived then you could no doubt point the finger at the leading villains of chaos. The one thing that all these power crazy men have in common is all that they have ever left after their global ambitions failed, were RUINS. You sir have thousands of years of evidence of MANS past bloody history and its end result. This should leave you in no doubt as to what the future holds, a WORLD IN RUINS. Instead of trying to work out the why's and wherefore's you should be making preparation to survive, and warning others to do likewise.If you were on the Titanic and it was now at 90 degrees with the OCEAN pouring in, would you be wondering if the Captain was a Jew? There is an ocean of problems now confronting mankind, a situation of our own making, try and survive sir.

Vatic Master said...

The only reason we have the comment above is to 1. stay legal, 2. prevent this from being used as a forum for racists. 3. To document accusations that are true, if tied to a race or religion.

What is wrong with that?

As for Rothschild and today, read this all the way through then come back and comment.


michael cook said...

Vatic Master. The problems of mankind are tied to ALL races, especially the HUMAN RACE. The Jews are no doubt the more able and capable part of that "human race" just as in any group you will always get the one who dominates the others through his strength, or money or being more street wise than the rest.The Jews are the oldest society on the planet.From the first recorded world power the Egyptians, the Jews were a threat to Egypts authority. From mans earliest recorded history, there you will find the Jew. No other people on the planet have lasted so long, or experienced so much, that is why they are the most capable group of people on the planet.They virtually own it and run it. They are masters of finance, politics, and operate from the shadows as their appointed puppets carry out their will. The Jews are what they are because they had the greatest butcher of human life to teach them. His name is Yahweh or Jehovah, or known to most as God. If anyone reads the bible, they will know that the Jews were God's chosen people. He trained them through forty years in the wilderness, and when they emerged they proved to be the greatest killing machine the worlds ever seen. God used the Jews to cleanse the "Promised Land" of seven different races, they were not to leave a breathing thing alive.God is the force behind the Jews, he taught, trained, and educated them with a philosophy that still motivates them today. How else could they survive so long amidst universal opposition, and still be a force to be reckoned with. Evil begets evil, when you believe you are so unique and all others are but refuse, you then have a monster fuelled with a "Divine" right to destroy all before it, and to do it with "righteous indignation" which only adds to the depth of evil of these "chosen ones." Intense bias and hatred can cloud ones judement, and gives the enemy great advantages.That is why the Jews have been so successful in the face of such blatant biased opposition, while they have come with many "legitimate and righteous" goals as a front for their devious objectives. Like ALL successful villainous groups, they use and provoke the hateful emotions of others, while they control through cunning and their experiences of human frailties all situations to their advantage. The downfall of the Jews will be at their own hands, their greed and arrogance will be their demise, unfortunately they are going to take us all with them. They are piloting the Global Ship, a ship that is holed from stem to stern, and an ocean of problems is flooding in upon ALL nations. Many are trying to get in the lifeboats,i.e. the UN, the EU, the IMF to survive, but as the ocean takes over it will be every nation for itself, leading to conflicts between and within nations.

So the captain of this global ship is called Rothschild, nobody has been successful in stopping him or his crew. These people have millenia's of experience behind them, all you have done is point the finger at he who holds the smoking gun, but the deed has been done, the world is fatally wounded, that is the reality.You are watching the death throes of a system, the demise of a world, a catastrophic conclusion is just ahead. Nobody can stop what is coming, they have created a global monster that is about to devour all before it.

The global damage is there for all to see, the villains responsible have been identified, the global ship is going down,law and order is gone, the basics of life are no longer available. It is every nation, or man for himself. That is the nature of the beast called man.

Vatic Master said...

A lot to respond to, so let me hit the high points. First of all, I can prove that the true Jews of Israel are as much under attack from the same forces who are attacking the western world and the muslim world. So its not a Jewish issue, its a "revenge" issue of the Khazars. They were the turks from the foothills of the Urals who lost their country by invasion on the west from the Catholics and from the east by the muslims, and that was back around 1100 ad.

They were forced to select a religion either christian or muslim in order to continue to exist and instead they chose Judaism based on those Jews who had settled in their land. A minority as usual when the disbursed around the world, but an influence non the less. Rothschild is a Khazar and if you read that offering I suggested you would know that the Rothschild shield is also the shield of Khazaria.

This is a way bigger agenda than just greed, its about the total destruction of the christian, and muslim religions especially arabs. Rothschild is the danger here and it has nothing to do with race, rather his driven hatred that has been passed on his family generation to generation.

The Khazars intend to conquor the world, and make Rothschild king. That is why he bought land in palestine well before WWII and aided in the massacre of other Jews during WW II. I have the links and proof going back to 1948.

So this is a fight to survive as a culture, religions and peoples. WE are as hated as the muslims are and that is why we have to come together.

Finally your comment about its over and we should just go man for himself. WRONG. You can not survive on your own, you must form community to fight , THERE IS A REASON NO TYRANT HAS EVER PREVAILED IN THE END. Arrogance. They all have it. They think they are more clever than anyone and they are always taken down throught that arrogance and there are people in the world who love liberty so much, they would never give up going after it.

So they have a real problem and its right here in this country and we are going to spread that problem across the globe.

michael cook said...

Vatic Master The pattern of human behaviour is the key to seeing the future. Human misery, suffering and war continue, only the names of those responsible change. You seek to pursue the futile, when thousands of years of human history shows that familiar pattern of men seeking domination over their fellow man.I do not deny the role the Jews or the Khazar Jews according to you as being the villains of global manipulation and control.In any family, community, nation, or a world, there are those who are more in control than others.Somebody would end up "Captain" it just happens to be those you so describe. The reality is, ALL those in the past who have sought and had some degree of world domination have only left RUINS in their wake. You cannot except that the future holds a similiar conclusion, and remember we now have devastating nuclear weapons. Even in a limited nuclear war the destruction of one or more of the over 500 nuclear reactors would be destroyed, emmitting radiation for thousands of years. The scenarios are endless, the reality is, it will happen.

The UNFAILING history of man is war, war, and more war, leading to world war one, then world war two, am I being unreasonable in concluding that world war three will follow the other two? I am afraid we will just have to agree to disagree.

Vatic Master said...

I don't think we are disagreeing about history or even our condition right now. I think we disagree about what we should do about it. I do not think preparing for the worst individually is in conflict with working to try and change it.

In fact, that is all we can do is whatever is within our power to do the best we can to fight it. If you believe there is a higher power or good in the universe, you have to believe either it will help to overcome this IF WE DO OUR PART FOR OURSELVES, or you have to believe that this was meant to be in order to clean house of that exact kind of garbage that continually does this to others.

I prefer to think that we are meant to use every fiber of our bodies to stop it and the reason is, if they use the nukes then the world will be uninhabitable for them as it would be for us and thus they would be even worse fools than I think htey are for even doing it. Yes, I know they think they will be safe underground.

But if they unleash nukes, add to it, the current scientific problems within our solar system and our galaxy, they will not survive it either as the earthquakes, fissures and even possible desimation completely of hte planet would take them with us. I do not believe they are THAT STUPID. But arrogance has its own stupidity which has nothing to do with brains and everything to do with common sense. They lack the latter.

I agree in that sense that we disagree. We simply have no choice but to try. If you do not, your own scenario ensures your death. You really have no choice.

michael cook said...

Vatic Master People speak of the ideal, truth will win out, we can overcome, we can change the world etc. Truth has NEVER ruled on this planet,a Utopia or Paradise are nothing more than unfounded hopes propagated by those few dreamers who have always existed down through the stream of time. They speak empty words with no substance behind them or ANY proof to support their idealistic propaganda. For the opposite is what it is and always has been, they do not have ONE piece of mans history to which they can point to as an example of what could be, only what is and always has been.
There are forces at work way beyond our puny attempts at thinking we can make a difference, they are piloting the ship, we are just reluctant passengers, expendable, looking impotently on as it heads for the rocks.Better to use the little power that we have to protect our own family than presume to think we can save a world. The last guy who thought he could do that (Jesus) they killed him, in fact the world is worse now than ever since he came, as many have killed in the name of God, they now kill in the name of Jesus to! His contribution has proven to be deadly. The biggest dreamers leave the greatest nighmares in their wake. Common sense is no longer common, but rare,use it wisely.

Vatic Master said...

Tell ya what, go read the offering today called
"Calling all Rebels" and see why I am right about this. It is not mutually exclusive to do what I am doing and also prepare for your family.

WE are multitasking animals you know. We can do more than one thing at a time and we must if we are to have any chance. You maybe right in all that you say, but to buy into what you are saying is to go against everything I hve ever believed in, lived and proven to myself works.

I have never taken no for an answer when others told me I "couldn't do something" I would always try anyway and a lot of times, I made a difference. As a globe of citizens, if we all believed we could make a difference, then we would.

AS was said in some film.... "funny, I thought the world was what we made it"???

michael cook said...

Vatic Master. The world IS what WE HAVE made it.YOU might have made some insignificant change in your way of life,but have you stopped the proliferation of nuclear weapons? Have you stopped in ANY way the exploitation of the whole planet by those in power? What have YOU done to remedy the explosive problem between the Jews and Palestinians, or India and Pakistan,Or the N Korean problem, or the problem of Islamic terrorism, or, or, or. "As a Globe of citizens we can make a difference," you say.You can't, and you don't, and you never will, that is what I have been saying to you, you are out of touch with reality. In YOUR world, not my world, or the real world, you and those like you continue to deny the obvious, the world carries on as it always has done, which is business as usual for the human family >> War, hostilities,crisis after crisis,global meltdown,generating many uncertainties and fears etc, except now it is on a global scale, with two world wars behind us and and a third ahead of us, and you sir will not stop it. The film that you cannot remember but quote from, IS RIGHT, the world IS the way we made it.You are out voted, out numbered, out manouvered, out of touch with the reality that 99% of the world is controlled by those whose values are different to yours. Your 1% is not even recognised. The powerful FEW have always dominated the many, the eveidence of that is overwhelming, never more so than in this 21st century of ours. THEY have an agenda that is taking us all, including themselves, to hell. Like the Roman emperor Caligula said, "I destroy and kill and nothing happens, so I must be a God." This is the mentality of ALL those who have gained such power, they will all end up like him. DEAD. Except these meglomaniacal ruling despots have and always do untold damage and sadly take many with them.
These modern day Caligula's have nuclear weapons, and they WILL be used, that is the nature of man.
Michael. Just a man.

P.S. Remember King Canute.

michael cook said...

Vatic Master. I respond here to your suggestion to read "Calling all rebels." based on a French Moral Philosopher Albert Camus.

He supports the belief that it is better to die in revolt, than live as an object enslaved by a system.
On that basis we should ALL be rebels. Many are,Islamic suicide bombers for one, the Taliban for two, the palestinians for three, the I.R.A. for four, the Basques for five, and thousands more.
What individual does not feel like being a rebel for one reason or a thousand.This is evidence of what I have been saying, the world is filled with injustices and a million causes to fight for. This "Moralist" Albert Camus is encouraging confrontation, hostility, even war if that's what it take to rebel. To die on one's feet than on one's knees. Noble words indeed,words that reflect the politician, not those in the front line of life. I wonder how he lived and died?
How more noble can you get as a mother struggles with her children through economic hardships all her life, and who instills honesty and respect in her children. She does not complain, she deals with her situation with dignity and leaves a more capable and able offspring behind, as she has fought her battle in quiet endurance, and come through it and done her maternal duty in the face of all put before her. Now that is the real power of the human spirit, she did not rebel, she did not kill or advocate the killing of anyone, she conquered more than any King or Politician ever could.
It is those moralists that are responsible for this morally bankrupt world, advocating that which is the CAUSE of our problems not the cure. As that woman lived so should we, as she conquered all that this life could throw at her so should we. She did not seek to change it, because she knew she could not, but she obviously dealt with whatever the world threw at her and so should we.
For the discerning knows it comes to a point when a situation comes to the point when there is nothing more one can do to resuscitate the patient, i.e, cancer, when the doctors give up because the cancer has spread right throughout the body, so goes this world. That woman who struggled so, was no fool, how otherwise would she have made it through such hardships, she knew when and where to act, or not to.
I likewise can see, as your pages show on your site the IMMENSE problems facing mankind, like a cancer it has spread throughout the globe, it is terminal. There is nothing defeatist in concluding the obvious, but acting on behalf of those you CAN help in such critical times is facing up to reality. At least you might survive when others do not. Just like Noah, he floated a limited company when everybody else went into liquidation. He was no rebel, he did not try to change that world, he knew it was on its way out.Start building your own means of survival and help as many as want to share it with you.

Vatic said...

You are right about "what have I done to stop this", but then I was uneducated about all of this for most of my life, now that has changed and with education comes knowledge, anger, and action.

This blog and initiative is the result of that and the more of us that become educated, the bigger the anger globally and the movement toward action becomes likely. Its that action that will change the world. Its already happening. I have only had this blog up 1.5 months and the counter of visits up not yet three days and we are already at over 4,000 hits and the map shows they are from all over the world.

What you neglect in your analysis is:

1. Why and how did we end up with real freedom and liberty for so long inbetween this historical perspective of tyranny by psychos??? 1000 AD the Magna Carter, Guillotines for the French of their tyrants, the American revolution, etc.

2. Noah, was the elite of the day. The difference is he was idealistic and cared about doing what was right. He also had no tools other than those he used to do "God's bidding" so he was limited in how far he could go. We are not. As you prove, we are only limited by our perceptions of our power. That is what we are about to change.

3. They are going underground, and your preparations that you talk about are going to be totally inadequate. I genuinely believe these perverts will destroy the world and themselves with it. They don't understand "real" power which the earth is capable of providing to prove who is boss. Already their HAARP machine in Haiti and chile has tilted the earth sufficiently that now we will be seeing major earthquakes and weather changes and possibly, IF THEY USE NUKES, the destruction of htis planet fully. That is why we have to do what we can and do so now. Its that serious. No more games.

Vatic said...

You said if we are all rebels what about the taliban etc.

What about them? If they are educated by this blog and others about who the problem is, its not an issue whether they rebel, its an issue of WHO THEY REBEL AGAINST.

Our job is to educate them to "who is the problem" and who to rebel against, and that THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS, ROTHSCHILDS, QUEEN OF ENGLAND AND THE US MILITARY ARM OF THAT GROUP OF PERVERTS. If they know that along with the rest of the world, then we will all rebel agaisnt the same people. Right now, this group of tyrants are clever, they are buying up all the land on earth rather than fighting for it where we have a chance to stop it.

So, we are the ones that have to make the move toend this. NO more cooperation.

michael cook said...

Vatic Master It is because of "Knowledge" that we have the world that we have. Will YOUR knowledge make a difference? Will your crusade bring about a better world? Because many are awakening globally to the realities of those despots in power, will that solve the problems? If as you say there is a global awakening and people respond globally will that not be world war three?
When has there ever been real freedom, one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter, so they say. Freedom just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All there has ever been is "respites" from oppression, degrees of "peace," and "freedom" is highly debatable. None of them last long in this world. Most conflicts are over those very subjects just mentioned. There are many different groups with THEIR own ideologies who want to establish THEIR values, THEIR freedoms, and all that these dreamers who think they know best create, are a constant climate of friction, discontent, leading to wars of all kinds. That is why history is filled with such conflicts.

Every form of government or rulership that man has ever conceived over the millenia is on the earth today. Some have just proved to be more oppressive than others, but they all have one thing in common, they have all failed. That is why there is more discontent now than ever, all of mans failed efforts are coming to a conclusion. Who am I to presume that I could be successful where all others have failed. None of those ideologies have lasted, they have or are disintergrating, proving the "freedoms" and "peace" they promised had no real substance to them. "Peace" on this earth is the period of time that interludes wars, and is the time to prepare for the next.
You speak with an anger that is prepared for war, and looking from the "human" perspective, violence is always the end result of mass discontent. That is why I keep telling you the inevitable is just ahead.

Better to be in the lifeboat with one's family than on the sinking ship.

michael cook said...

Vatic Master. I have just been looking round your blog and have come to realise that you are famale and I have been calling you sir. Forgive me for my error. Am I correct in this. Michael.

Vatic said...

Yes, I am female, but don't let that stop you. I have gotten an education talking with you by forcing me to do more research and I found that Camus piece by chris and thus gained from the experience, so keep it up.


michael cook said...

Vatic Master. Just to even the score, I will give you a little insight into my background. I an sixty seven years of age, live in the North East of England, born and bred here. I will be celebrating 49 years of marriage this year to the SAME woman. I never thought I would be sleeping with a great grandmother. When I was young, people used to say I looked like Van Johnson, remember him. Now they say I look like the back of Johnsons van.
Joking aside, I worked for six years down the coal mines, went to sea for a while, and ended up working for myself for over thirty years. Have studied religion, history and life. I have travelled to many countries including yours.
Hope this is of help.

Vatic said...

yes, it does help to know who someone is and I am very happy to meet you. I have had the good fortune through this effort to meet some of the finest people in the world.

I am truly impressed and have learned a lot and lost my parochial view of life and the world due to the interaction with those like yourself.

Welcome to our blog and hopefully "people-to-people" initiative. If your interested in joining or getting on the daily summary of our news for the day, please click the button above on the right on the top and email us your info so we can add you to the list. You wont be sorry. lol

Anonymous said...

I'm reading 'Pawns in the Game' by William Guy Carr. I would say it is essential reading to:

a) Get a detailed history of who these monsters are,

b) The extent of the suffering this group has caused for CENTURIES,

c) The strategies they use again and again

d) How to better protect ourselves from falling for the extreme duplicity.

I thought I knew a lot already, but this has opened my eyes and shocked me even more.

For example, did you know that this same group funded and created the Marxist Communist groups? Not because they had any belief in Communism, but simply because through Marxism they could cause social division and conflict. (The same group were then behind the Communist witch hunt in the States).

All the wars of the last centuries were instigated by this same group, operating internationally. They fund both sides, to create chaos, war, violence, fear, terror and to break down the fabric of society in all nations, one after the other - so they can pocket more and more money, take more and more control, and subjugate weary, frightened people more and more.

We do seem to be in the endgame now. They are rich and powerful and evil, we are billions, we are strong, and we are becoming increasingly motivated. I believe their demise will come if we all take the individual action which is right for each one of us, and if we pull together.

I do not believe in violent action - moreover, that is exactly the tactic they hope we will use, thus giving them the excuse they want to unleash a violent crackdown. That would be resisting them on THEIR terms.

The Bilderberg conference expressed its fear that there was a rising awareness, a raising of consciousness.
That's what scares them. That's where I will put my energy.

And there is a spiritual dimension. Whilst taking practical actions, I will keep my mind filled with the vision of a world without their satanism.

Imagine what the world would have been like if they hadn't played havoc with it for centuries. It would have been such a beautiful world. And it will be again, and I will keep visualising that, and connecting in my mind and heart with all other freedom seekers across the globe.

Everytime you see a chemtrail, think of all our brothers and sisters across the planet who are also being sprayed. Unite with them in your hearts and know that our vision will become reality.

Mother earth will be cared for and nurtured once again, as will all her inhabitants.

That is my vision. That is my soul's mission.

I refuse to see them as strong, those who can only survive through murderous violence are weak - and in my mind their demise is already a reality.

Anonymous said...

One of the strategies used by this band of gansters over the centuries has been to create wars - wars engineered by them by funding and encouraging both sides to wage war against each other. Then, the next part of the strategy is to make sure that one of their 'agents' is involved in the 'peace negotiation', to be sure that NO satisfactory outcome is achieved. Hence we live under the impression that everything is futile, wars will keep happening, but we are incapable of living in peace.

This is NOT TRUE. It is they who have fomented discontent and wars and economic depressions, and hardship of all kinds, continuosly.

There are no real political parties in any Western country. Democrats/Republicans, Labour/Conservative/Liberals, Left/Right - all the candidates are their candidates, financed by them and controlled by them. They create the illusion that we have a choice - but there is no choice to be made, because none of them work in the interests of the people.

In this way, the populaces become disillusioned, confused, disheartened, apathetic.

But, perhaps for the first time in centuries, we now have a real choice.

It's a tough situation, but this is perhaps the first time the enemy is known.

We can do this.

This time what is different is that we know who the real enemy is.

Sorry to go under the name 'anonymous', I'm new here and don't know how to get a name!

PS. I love the poem. Magic. Thank you.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous, Pawns of the game sounds good and I will get it as soon as I can afford it. Sounds like everyone right now. Thanks for the posting I do not remember where I put that poem if you saw it on here, can you remind me??? I have already done over 700 blogs and I lose track sometimes. LOL, but welcome to our education blog about the truly international bad guys.