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Raw Milk Dairy Farm Fights Back and Wins! (See? We are Powerful)

Vatic Note:  SEE???  WE ARE POWERFUL, and we can win this thing.   All it takes is a belief that we can and staying united and have some righteous anger to stoke our energy to action.  Its OUR government, not the otherway around, and that must be remembered when doing all of this.  We are the owners of this government and not ISRAEL.    It also will take courage and do not kid yourself about that.  Remember, these satanist Rothschild Khazar Bankers  have invested a huge amount of years into this agenda that they are attempting to complete and they will not give up easily.   FASCISM globally, is the goal.  So our commitment, courage, stamina, and focus can be NO LESS THEN THEIRS..... in fact, it must be MORE..... because they beat us on 'time' while we are only just beginning.   So begin talking with your neighbors, relatives, friends, etc.  I can assure you after the bird, fish, cattle and crabs all dying, that they know there is something seriously wrong.   They also know they are getting sick, and they know its from the chemtrails now.  They know that our institutions are failing us, so you have a lot to work with here as all your neighbors need is some support and structure for brainstorming, creative thinking outside the box and all of it must begin locally.   WE CAN DO IT.  Just read about this farm family that had the courage to do it and won.   Bless you all and good luck.  

Raw Milk Dairy Farm Fights Back and Wins!
Submitted by Annie White on January 22, 2011 – 12:31 pm

With all the troubles that raw milk producers have had recently as the FDA hones in on the rise of its sale, it is certainly refreshing to see a win on the side of food freedom.

During the summer last year the agency intensely hounded small farms that provide raw milk and their products, many of which have excellent, if not perfect, records. The infuriating thing about the raids is they are doing nothing to promote safety and everything to do with the FDA’s desire to have total control of the market. Most of the ongoing investigations and heavily armed raids were carried out over licensing or regulatory infractions, not contaminated product, the approach by the agency was complete overkill.