9/11 FGNW Exotic Nuclear Weapons

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9/11 FGNW Exotic Nuclear Weapons

by Maxwell C. Bridges

Fourth generation nuclear weapons (FGNW) were used in the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11, 2001. The evidence for nuclear components leaks out of the entire 9/11 record. The overkill energy of the observed sudden complete decimation of the towers is a clue, purposely missed.

The tower is being peeled downward.

The Nuclear Evolution of FGNW

By definition, a true Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapon (FGNW) is supposedly pure fusion, which is very hard to initiate without assistance. In this paper, FGNW refers to "late-3rd/early-4th generation nuclear weapons", which are hybrid fission-fusion.

A conventional chemical-based charge is used to smash fissile material together in the fission stage. The fission stage generates the requisite heat for the fusion stage.[1]

  • A thermo-nuclear weapon releases about 5% of their energy in the form of prompt radiation, and the rest is dispersed in the thermal pulse and blast effects.[2]

  • A "neutron-bomb" instead allows the neutrons to escape. Its fusion stage releases 80% of its energy in the spherical emission of high-energy neutrons and gamma rays, and 20% is the thermal heat and blast waves. [3] [4]

  • A FGNW takes the neutron bomb to its next level of evolution. It releases 80% of its nuclear yield as highly energetic neutrons in a targeted fashion: not just spherical, but also semi-spherical, quarter-spherical, to variable angle cone or wedge fanning out from the ignition point. Technically, FGNW are in the category of DEW (directed energy weapons). Only 20% of its already tactical nuclear yield is in the form of heat wave, blast wave, and EMP.[5]

FGNW are primarily very intense sources of penetrating radiation that can produce direct work on a target and thus induce a very different response within their targets. Depending on design goals, FGNW can:

  • Generate a fireball (in air or a material).
  • Launch a shockwave (in air or in a material).
  • Heat the surface of a material.
  • Accelerate or compress a material.
  • Transfer momentum to a material.
  • Heat the volume of a material.
  • Energize a working material.
  • Forge and project missiles.
  • Form and send high-velocity jets.
  • Ablate a material and produce a shock wave in it.

Collateral effects of the above list of "mechanical" and "thermodynamical" effects are non-thermo-mechanical effects, such as an electromagetic pulse (EMP) and prompt or delayed radiations.

Words like "pulverization", "dustification", and "decimation" were used to describe the WTC towers' destruction. This certainly applied to the concrete and drywall, where trapped water molecules instantly turn to extremely hot steam whose expanding volumetric pressure microfractures.[6]

As for metal such as the metal pans and trusses supporting the concrete, when the surface heating is sufficiently strong, the material will vaporize (i.e., "ablate") and by reaction a large pressure will be exerted, launching a shock-wave into the material, hence the significant percentage of tiny iron spheres in the dust samples.

Because neither the fission stage nor the fusion stage are designed for a destructive blast wave with the FGNW, this changes expectations for its audible effects[7] and for its fissile signatures in the outcome.[8]

Speculation into the FGNW Configuration

The FGNW were multi-stage devices -- kick-start, fission, fusion. Trigger to full nuclear yield was not instantaneous. In addition, the nuclear output had a brief duration; the kick-start conventional charge had kick-back; FGNW were being used in tandem where misalignment can foul others.

Thus, successful implementation required a stable mounting point that would not be destroyed during its own nuclear output. Between angle adjustments afforded by the mounting bracket and the output aperture allowing different fixed output shapes and fanning angles, the FGNW were aimed.[9] [10] The FGNW themselves were probably the size and shape of a soda fountain refill keg or a large fire-extinguisher.

Each of the WTC towers probably had four (4) FGNW per detonation level and 6-10 detonation levels. The following image of the configuration of just two detonation levels, a cone-shaped nuclear emission is assumed.

mcb speculation into WTC FGNW placement

Variable are: whether the emission shape is a cone, wedge, or other; the cone's (or wedge's) angle; the amount of execution overlap from lower FGNW; how many levels above the detonation point before the output cone would start to graze and then penetrate the inside of the outer wall assemblies.

Total number of FGNW required for the observed WTC destruction is probably on the order of 50 to 100. Assuming mounting bracket installation was completed in advance, then transporting the FGNW into the buildings and "clicking" them into their mounting brackets is logistically possible over a long weekend (by one team of at least two per building).

Evidence of Fission

The USGS collected dozens of dust samples. The tables in the USGS analysis of their WTC dust samples are noteworthy, because the expected fissile by-product elements [11] and their decay elements are present in the dust.


The second image of a table snippet documents strontium and its decay elements as having been present in the dust.


More important is the omission of an explanation in the report for these elements in the dust. The trend for not mentioning significant findings began with "Characterization of the Dust/Smoke Aerosol that Settled East of the World Trade Center (WTC) in Lower Manhattan after the Collapse of the WTC 11 September 2001" by The Paul Lioy et al.[12]

Mr. Jeff Prager reviewed this USGS data.[13]

The following is based on Mr. Jeff Prager's conclusion.

The USGS report on the dust provides compelling evidence of the fission pathway of Uranium to Thorium and Helium, with subsequent decay of the Helium into Lithium. These correlations are the signature of a nuclear explosion and could not have occurred by chance.

The presence of rare Trace elements such as Cerium, Yttrium and Lanthanum should have caught the attention of any nuclear physicist, particularly when found in quantities of 50ppm to well over 100ppm. The USGS report shows that these quantities vary widely from place to place but still correlate with each other according to the relationships expected from nuclear fission.

The USGS report shows Barium and Strontium present and in absolutely astronomical concentrations of over 400ppm to over 3000ppm, varying from place to place but varying in lockstep and according to known nuclear relationships.

The presence of Thorium and Uranium correlated to each other by a clear mathematical power relationship and to other radionuclide daughter products.

The dust samples provide an unprecedented insight into the action of a nuclear device. Nuclear weapon scientists, such as Dr. Jones, should have seized this data to analyze it and determine exactly what type of device produced it.

Evidence of Fusion

Tritium is a building block of nearly all FGNW. This is why the "Study of Traces of Tritium at the World Trade Center" was hamstrung and scope-limited from the onset. The study can't be taken at face-value as the final word on tritium, how much was really present, or what the tritium sources could be. [14] [15]

However, the study proves that not only was tritium present, but that its very presence required interference be run to control the narrative and steer public consideration away from its true significance.

Evidence of Very Hot Heat Source

The air from Ground Zero was laden with extremely high amounts of very small particles associated with high temperatures. Many different metals of very fine particles were found in the samples, and some were found at the highest levels ever recorded in air in the United States. There were also an unusual, very fine, silicon-containing aerosol. This latter type of aerosol can be produced only by very high temperatures, including vaporisation of soil and glass.[16]

"The presence of coarse particles immediately after days of rain indicated that they were being continually re-generated from a dry, hot source, not re-suspended from roadways and other surfaces."~Dr. Thomas Cahill.

"Nuclear Fizzle" from one or more of the tandem FGNW is the most likely source.[17]

The debris pile had many Hot-Spots and exhibited Extremely High Temperatures, that FGNW can address with fizzled nukes but that other consensus 9/11 theories, such as Nano-Thermite, cannot address and therefore do not address.

Evidence of Recorded Radiation and Steel Anomalies

The FEMA/NIST captured video footage of the mangled state of steel wall assemblies and internal support beams, all of which raise questions about the mechanisms of destruction, their placement, and the energy involved.

However, the video footage as a side-effect also caught real-time radiation emissions from the Ground Zero debris pile and specific pieces from the Fresh-Kills Landfill. The evidence is in the form of camera scintillation -- flashes or sparkles of light -- as a result of radioactive particles in the dust cloud.[18]

In some cases due to the close proximity of the video camera to the radioactive material, the video tape completely glitches out and is unviewable. This was probably unknown to the person running the camera until later playback, and may have contributed to the slow-walking of releasing the FEMA/NIST videos.

The video glitches underscore the nuclear nature of the anomalous pieces of steel.

  • 9/11 - World Trade Center Recovery and debris removal part 4 of 6

    At around 6:00 as the camera pans up and down, whenever it aims down, more scintillation appears in the lower half of the image that depicts the pulverized debris pile. Other instances in the video (such as around 12:00), the camera will have relatively few glitches, but as it pans over areas of the destruction, the lower portion of the image with the debris pile (and not the upper portion with standing structures) begin to have more white flashes or camera anomalies. When the camera pans over other areas of equipment and workers, not such scintillation.

  • Working at Ground Zero 3. NIST FOIA Release 10

    Notice how it affects the lower portion of the image where the debris is piled up and not the structure in the upper portion.

  • NIST FOIA: WTC Steel Salvage Yards - Tape 1 of 2 (SEAoNY, 2001-2002)

    Right from the beginning are many anomalies pieces of steel whose twisted shapes suggest some form of volume heating of the material to make it suddenly pliable. One of many places the video camera suddenly experiences serious glitches is just before 46:00.

  • NIST FOIA: WTC Steel Salvage Yards - Tape 2 of 2 (SEAoNY, 2002)

    • 28:51 A box column of a wall assembly exhibited a gash along 1/3 or more of its length and through the spandrel (thicker) area.[19]

    • 1:23:00 (and 1:44:00) The debris pile and surrounding area had examples of a "steel doobie" anomaly.[20]

    • 1:27:00 Column smoothly bent into a C-shape and smoothly bent steel.

    • 1:39:00 and 1:57:00 Radiation affecting the video camera.

  • Video of the South Tower Dust Cloud

    At about 0:52 the camera is over-run by the dust cloud. Suddenly the video camera, that worked perfectly before, starts registering small flashes in the dust cloud.

The technology of FEMA/NIST best video cameras betrayed the true nuclear evidence that those of us raised on the snowy broadcast television of last century might not notice.[21]

The reader is given the assignment to browse their own collection of images and videos of 9/11 WTC destruction and postulate FGNW's abilities as being most likely to inflict such unique and anomalous damage.[22]

Evidence in WTC Destruction

When 9/11 is discussed, focus is often limited to the twin towers (or WTC-7) and destruction patterns and anomalies in the other buildings of the complex are ignored. "Nothing to see here, folk! Move it along, keep on walking!"

Each building in the complex (except maybe WTC-3) has evidence of FGNW usage.

  • WTC-2: came down first

  • WTC-1: came down second

  • WTC-4: destroyed with WTC-2

  • WTC-5: destroyed with WTC-1

  • WTC-6: destroyed with WTC-1

  • WTC-7: destroyed after 5 p.m.

  • Banker's Trust Building

  • Torched Cars

Conclusion: Exotic FGNW were used on 9/11

Dr. David Ray Griffin, the patron saint of the 9/11 Truth Movement, describes a third principle that is fundamental to the scientific method: "None of the relevant evidence should be ignored."

Most 9/11 theory-du-jours do not address the evidence, such as the mangled wall assemblies and steel beams filmed by FEMA and NIST (on cameras prone to radiation glitches).

Once open-minded and objective readers are seeded with the proper descriptions of "exotic" nuclear weapons (FGNW) that were available for 9/11, even their own collection of anomalous 9/11 evidence will water those nuclear seeds in their understanding. The wonkiness and coordination in the cover-up also becomes clear:

  • Any whiff in the public's nose of 9/11 nuclear involvement could result in US nuclear over-reaction abroad spoiling the desired gains (e.g., Iraqi oil, Afghani natural gas and heroin, permanent military presence in the Middle East).

  • To paraphrase from the "Fields of Dreams" movie for Silverstein: "If you rebuild over the nuked WTC complex, ain't nobody gonna come." NYC might have a mass exodus.

  • Rising public awareness into 9/11 nukes could have major figurative nuclear fallout on the credibility of all levels of government, their agencies & institutions, and corporate media: (1) for supposedly not knowing, not asking questions, when it was obvious; (2) for knowing but lying about it and promoting all of the evil spawns of the ruse.

Projection and Public Hypnosis

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty."
- George W. Bush, November 10, 2001, Bush's address to the UN

9/11 icon by Matthew McDermott

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