Vatic Note:   This was a surprise to me. And now, while I used to read that online alternative press and sometimes take info and distribute it, after reading this, and knowing already what I know about Tavistock from our previous series on the institute,  I am definitely avoiding that one like the plague and I highly recommend to my readers to do the same thing.   I trust Rumormill implicitly as well as Apocolypse Now.  So Please avoid that site like the plague.   I just went over there and used the Tavistock name in a post and sure enough they replaced it with "Merry Christmas" and then I wrote a post about their censorship and about Tavistocks mission with psychops globally and they banned my ISP.  LOL, that sealed it, and now I can post this right out there.   Stay away from GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS, unless you want the neocons to get your ISP and and have GLP spy on you for them.  There are still many good sites such that we don't have to go to those that have been bought out by the neocons.   


Posted By: Rayelan,  
Date: Tuesday, 8-May-2007 03:48:39

Take a look at the words that will get posters BANNED from GLP the words themselves are also censored...

Some of the banned words/sites are as follows:

Alien earth, proxywhore refuge, modlikeproductions, juryroll, ghosthunterscry, abovetopsecret, rumor mill news, surfing the apocalypse, buddhas grove, malware, spyware, adware, Jason Lucas, Elaine, Defiler, tavistock, stanford research institute. (VN:  The link to the stanford research shows funding by Tavistock to various US institutions and Stanford research is one of them, and Donald Rumsfeld was hired there.  Scroll down the link to the list of institutions and memorize them, MIT, NIH, etc)    Also, using a tiny url will get you automatically banned.

Here is a post from STA. Theresa asks a VERY telling question. WHY would GLP ban the word Tavistock? Why don't they want people to know anything about Tavistock. And why is information about the Stanford Research Institute banned???

Theresa and I KNOW why Rumor Mill News and Surfing the Apocalypse are banned... they HATE us... we exposed them for what they are... a spook social engineering operation run by god only knows who.

They also ban the name Jason Lucas, he happens to be one of the owners of GLP... I suspect they ban HIS name because they don't want you to know of his association with GLP and with a malware and spyware company.

Don't believe me... take a look at this article he wrote. It is STILL on a government website:

Mr. Jason Lucas
C2 Media Ltd.
London, (VN: home of Tavistock Institute)
United Kingdom

FTC Public Workshop: "Monitoring Software On Your
PC: Spyware, Adware, And Other Software"
April 19, 2004

Dear Sirs:

As someone "in the industry," I wish to submit for your review a brief (but necessary) description of the actual difference between 'adware' and 'spyware,' together with an explanation of why that distinction is extremely important in the present controversy that has generated so much public debate. In order to understand the current situation regarding..........."

Isn't it interesting that Jason Lucas is from London... as is Tavistock? Now I wonder if the operation that went on, several years ago, at GLP, which tried to destroy "Rayelan" and "Theresa" was a Tavistock inspired operation?

It certainly makes you wonder doesn't it? If you don't have a clue as to what I am talking about... please carefully read the information I have inserted in this post.


Posted By: Theresa
Date: Monday, 7 May 2007, 11:35 a.m.

Evidentally just posting the words Surfing The Apocalypse gets you banned on Godlike Productions...... :-)

But don't you wonder just why they would ban the word "tavistock"   ???

hmmmm makes you think....

Some of the banned words/sites are as follows:

Alien earth, proxywhore refuge, modlikeproductions, juryroll, ghosthunterscry, abovetopsecret, rumor mill news, surfing the apocalypse, buddhas grove, malware, spyware, adware, Jason Lucas, Elaine, Defiler, tavistock, stanford research institute. Also, using a tiny url will get you automatically banned.

More interesting information about GLP from the RMN Archives....


Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Saturday, 15 January 2005, 12:24 a.m.

Quoting Theresa from STA:


On December 16, 2004, just prior to GLP being sold, I was approached (as were other major alternative news sites,) to sell Surfing The Apocalypse. I did not bother to even answer the email as I have no interest in doing so. I believe the email may have come from this same group of people.

NOW here is my question:


Do you really think they are doing this to support the TRUTH?

What could be coming down the pike that the PTB don't want to be shared within these network of sites? And what software could they be wanting to plant on unknowing readers computers?

To me this is a very disturbing trend. VERY disturbing.

---end of quote--- PLEASE read the rest of this article... especially if you happen to still READ GLP

Here's a post about the time I was hit by one of the malware creations by the people who bought GLP


Posted By: agent777
Date: Monday, 17 January 2005, 12:12 a.m.

I have just been on the phone for about an hour with Rayelan. I want to convey to you a series of bizarre things that just happened.

Saturday, Rayelan posted the following:


In this article, she expands on an article that I wrote about the buy out of GLP (Godlike Productions) by a company called Please pull up that story and follow the links for background to this story.

"The reason Rayelan had called me was to tell me that her copy of adaware had just spotted C2.lop on her computer and that her computer had several porn dialers installed."
---end of quote---

Read the rest:

About the owners of

"Wondering how your home page got switched to Alex Shamash and Jason Lucas may have something to do with it. They are the twenty-something entrepreneurs behind and the British marketing firm C2 Media.(Tom Spring,, Friday, June 14, 2002, )

Read the rest:

One conspiracy forum in general, is a forum called Godlikeproductions, originally created by a young lady with the intentions of spreading the free word of spirit and to freely talk about issues and principles that are generally regarded, as well, lunacy.

And what could a forum of such onlookers offer a government? Or better yet, what a could a forum of spiritualists, paranormal enthusiasts and conspiracy news hounds offer a, young computer technician, a young man named Jason Lucas who graduated as a CIT Computer Programmer Specialist in 1998 (  )? Well, if he knew anything about spyware and was willing to as they say "follow the rules" as per a government document addressed by young Mr. Lucas in 1994 (  ) he could buy this company and use it to make money from the masses of visitors at the forum.

How, but what manner could his spyware make money at a conspiracy forum you might ask? Well, this is quite interesting, since the United Kingdom government in alliance with the US government had created Terrorist Defence Departments, they, the government agents themselves, would enjoy receiving a full list of IP addresses that lead directly to the address of the registered party, and that is quite an appealing gesture to the government.


Well, for those who haven't watched Michael Moores movie Fahrenheit 911, there is a part where a small group of 20 seniors banded together to form and anti-war organization, and low and behold, the 20 were quite surprised one day to see it was one of their own members in the newspaper found dead, and amazingly enough, he was an undercover cop. So, if 20 seniors are worth their time my friends, a site like godlikeproductions is priceless. And young Mr. Jason Lucas recognized this opportunity as a young budding entrepreneur who just so happens to be a computer expert, what better job than to buy a site with mass traffic and turn over the addresses to the authorities for revenue. Compliments Mr. Lucas, you're a bright young man, unfortunately, as you and I know, the events this year have led to a quite miserable situation for you.

Read the rest at:

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


  1. *
    The Stalker Please ban me now !
    Suggest Pin Quote [+]
    I’ve decide to go back to the over powering Zionist shill movement of At least there, I can pick up the microphone and call trinty a covert programming cock sucker and not get banned and then reset two days later over and over like some insane monarch dreamscape Sci-Fi tv show???? Trinty R U Stalking me ? And why is it your avoiding focusing your set up on the Nibiru bullshit theory, as to make your tard tard worshippers happy dude? Anyway, I am out, and I expect a ban pronto in 2 and 2 ! Peace all and lots of love. <> Please for the love of God, ban my ass and never let me back on this fucktard kiss ass rude 90210 back stabbing monarch programming message sight ever again, Oh and thank you for the permanent ban.
    took this to finally get them to ban me forever, Jason is part of an in house terrorist group claming to be a tea party truther.

  2. Hi!!! Nice forum. This my first post.

  3. Niggermania and Chimpout = instant bans also (I'm not a member of those racist forums, I was just outing some of them) Turns out that there's many ties between several of these forums that go all the way back to the good ole' UseNet days. I callem' out all the time. Just research. A matter of sheer fascination. Guess it took more than a day to build Rome and it's been taking more than 25 years to attempt to destroy America with a race war. Psychologists are idiots if they really think that the American public can be this completely manipulated by the internet, I should know since I'm a psychology student :)

  4. Did Jason out himself by posting his pathetic story about his life and address because the ABCs dumped his ass and he was avoiding Siberia?

    If GLP is a psych-ops operation then we are in big trouble. Too much time and effort spent with no results. GLP serves no purpose in compiling psychological data, or portraying propaganda.

    My guess is Jason and his huge ego is comic conning puppets for his own entertainment. Further, Jason spying on members is against the law, and he knows it. Even going as far as linking devices in voice chats that he sold as partytime. He's nothing more than a pawn for ABCs who take his stuff for free. haha. joke's on him.

  5. For FUCK's sakes woman! What the fuck is TPB or whatever letters you posted? What is a tavistock?? Why do you idiots always talk in code while accusing others of doing so?!?!?

    1) Who is Elaine
    2) Who is this London guy
    3) Why does he give an address in Canada
    4) Why does Google says he lives in Florida?

    What is going on? I have found the forum to be run by an amount of idiot far left wing nutcases who will ban you for your conservative opinions.

    And what's with their retarded threads!??! Everybody is a "demon" to them, then there's the outsiders who claim that everybody on there posting is a demon LOL!

    You're boring. POST ACCURATELY don't ASSume we know what you're saying. Some of us just got there, posted 3 replies innocently, along the lines of everyone else, no banned words from your list and BAM! Banned.

    What gives?!


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