Donation Gem

"Kill two birds with one gem stone."

UPDATE #2 - 7/13- as  you can see from the blog, we have not had time to make more jewelry for the site.  What little time we had to make jewelry we  had to get down to our stores in town for their summer tourist season, so we apologize that we now have only one set left.  Bear with us as we are trying to get back to the table to make some more.  Designing takes the most time, but once done it goes pretty fast.  Thanks for responding to our sale page. 

UPDATE:  We have not updated this page since we put it up a year or so ago  and we apologize for that.   During the summer  the jewelry  sells in various shops around town and we forget to update this site.   We are getting ready for this summer season that begins Memorial Day weekend in May, so discovered we needed to put up new pieces and to show those that have sold, so thank you for not complaining.  LOL  Its now fully updated.   

Whereas maintaining the Vatic Project is my passion, my livelihood comes from making jewelry. Therefore, if (1) you want to support the efforts of the Vatic Project and (2) you would like to have something in your hands to show for it that might be a useful financial hedge in troubled times and will complement your appearance, you could donate to the Vatic Project by purchasing some of my Necklace Sets that are elegant creations of precious metals and semiprecious stones, with unique one of a kind designs and are not only unique, but serious collectors items as well.

If you need faster shipping or shipping outside the US, contact to discuss these pass along charges.

Note:  We can lengthen or shorten the necklace at no cost to you so do not let the length stop you from purchasing if you like the design.   Just let us know when you pay for it at the time of payment what length you need it to be.   Thanks for all your support.


VPc - 000100 code
Minimum donation required:     $67.00 for the set.
Includes shipping & handling in the US.

Maji Magic is the name of this piece which is a one of a kind, affordable custom designed set.  It consists of powder blue and burgundy colored plastic and glass beads, a center bead that is unique in design, and powder blue leaves that are carved and offset the other more understated beads in the necklace.   Materials are glass, and plastic beads,  brass findings,  and gold for the clasp and chain which was priced at 2004 prices and passed onto the purchaser.   If it had been priced at todays gold prices,  the necklace would have had to be sold for $89.00 for the set.  So enjoy the affordable price for a value investment that may increase over time.   We will be presenting more expensive offerings for those who wish  to invest in semi precious stones and metal.... Visit often as we will be putting more up as time goes on.

VPCM - 000100
Minimum donation -  $97.95
Includes shipping & handling in the US.

Bronze Princess-  This necklace is a midprice range necklace again a one of a kind custom designed and unique for just the right person.   Its delicate, yet provides a statement to the viewer that the wearer is a woman to be noticed and appreciated.    The stones are bronze fresh water pearls with swarovsky world class quality Austrian crystal silver spacers with pink crystal stones in each spacer.  The center piece is a silver laser cut ball with the same pink swarovsky high quality crystals.   Again the materials were purchased when prices were much lower and thus can be priced at a much lower rate, passing on the investment quality feature to the wearer/buyer.   If this has been priced at todays cost of materials, it would have been $149 for the set. 


VPC - 000100
Donation minimum is $395
Please add $8 for shipping & handling in the US.

Eastern Mystic -  This necklace is one of my favorites and is definitely a high end custom designed gem quality necklace set.   Its so unique, that I have not seen any like it anywhere that I have looked.   The silver spacers are uniquely shaped in rectangular box like shape with handcrafted eastern writing (Thailand) and the series of pendants are also hand crafted and written in eastern script and all of it done by the Hill Tribes of Thailand that have been mining and crafting silver for thousands of years.  Their work is unique and superior to any I have ever seen before.   These simple people treat this more like art than like mining..... the silver is superior in quality as well.   The Lapis is "gem Quality" magnificient Afghanistan lapis that is of the highest quality and has Pyrite running through it which gives it a touch of gold flash in it.   The entire necklace at the current prices would sell for over $900.   However, once again the materials were purchased back when it was all much cheaper before our current crisis, so the valued equity  passes on to the donor.


VPcM - 000101
Donation minimum  is $169
Including shipping & handling (in the USA)

"ASIAN TIMES" - Sometimes a place or a scene in a painting or even something as simple as a carved bone will conjure up a creative moment in time. This necklace is just such a result of that experience. It was two side pieces of bone with asian drawings that led to this necklace.

The materials in this necklace consists of various types of bone, carved wood, Copper, and last but not least two lovely uniquely shaped and carved red Cinnabar pieces from China.

This was all finished off with a fine copper clasp. As you can see this is a departure from my usual creations. The earrings are bone and wood with carvings that are wonderful and intriguing. The result was a complete feeling of experiencing an exotic place and time. Enjoy!!!

Length 18"

VPcM - 000102
Minimum donation is $179
Including shipping and handling (in USA).

"SILVER DENIM" - What a fun piece this one was. The blue stones and the pendant are "Denim Lapis" which is found and mined in South America. This is a necklace for wearing with jeans during the day, work, or dressed up for evening. Its versatile and delightful to wear.

I loved the unique artist created Silver design on the pendant and made similar choices with regard to the "silver" balls I used for the body of the necklace. Also note the two swarovsky crystals that enhance the design and give the necklace dimension. It's a playtime necklace for almost any occasion.

The earrings are long and free floating and made of the same quality materials as the necklace.

Length 17 inches


Code VPC 000101

minimum donation on this is $595

"THE EMPRESS" - This magnificent set is truly regal in its design. A friend tried it on and stated that she felt regal and royal in it. The colors and stones were reserved and worn in ancient times by royalty. Silver is the precious metal used with these stones.

The deep purple stones are no longer available since the mine ran out of that particular deep consistant color of purple and its called "Sugilite". Today we have purple stones but they are muted and browned down in color. The pendant consists of "sugilite" as well, but it has that lovely pinker purple with the matrix of the deep purple running through it which is also disappearing rapidly. This eventually will be a true one of a kind even in the materials used, in other words, a collectors piece rather than just an exquisite necklace.

You will also note the fine quality and flash of the Opals which are not manmade, rather directly obtained from mother nature. I am assuming everyone knows how rare that is becoming as well. As you know most opals are now man made that are sold in some upscale stores. I was lucky to find these to include in a necklace that would still be affordable but eventually a collectors item. Its more than just the design, but also the rarity of the stones that were used. This necklace also includes fine quality Silver spacers and clasp with a dangling opal to enhance the design.

Toward the front near the pendant are two purple hand blown artist created glass beads which are elegant in design. Finally there is a tiny very high quality opal set in the pendant and surrounded by small silver beads fastened to the pendant in a permanent fashion which truly makes the pendant look very regal.

The earrings were done to enhance and not detract from the necklace and notice the hooks are the french safety hooks that protect the earrings from falling off at some unexpected time. I love this on a human neck. It is so elegant and beautiful. This necklace, if priced at the cost today, even if you could get the sugilite, would be over $1,200. That is because so much of the materials are disappearing.

Length 16" (length can be adjusted upon request)